14 Hour First Class Sleeper Train in Vietnam | Hanoi to Da Nang Overnight

Vietnam travel: 14 Hour First Class Sleeper Train in Vietnam | Hanoi to Da Nang Overnight

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This is my first time going from Hanoi to Da Nang by train. It was a lot of fun!
You can book your train ticket and see the price here:

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Originally posted 2022-09-24 16:54:27.

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49 Responses to "14 Hour First Class Sleeper Train in Vietnam | Hanoi to Da Nang Overnight"

  1. Hi! Thanks for the great video. Helping me a lot in my planning for my wife and I’s trip to Vietnam. Just a practical question: I see the top berth sleeper tickets are the cheapest. Can you still see outside the window while lying in bed, or is it too high up to see outside without concerted effort? 😄

  2. Can anyone enlighten me on how many cabins or beds share 1 toilet? And when we buy the tickets online, are the cabin or bed assigned or is it first come first serve when you board?

  3. Not bad at all for a 40k meal. I've seen worse in my uni canteen 12 years ago. Obviously since you're on a train there're not many options but it looks really decent honestly.

  4. I was in Hue and Danang slightly more than a month ago, and it was hot. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. About trains, it would be wonderful if there could be a special train service linking Danang, Hue and Hoi An. This service could start by using existing track with augmentations for stations, and sidings to allow bypassing.

  5. thật à bn có đi máy bay mà ?

  6. Lang thang đó đây · Edit

    Kinh hoàng khi thấy bạn ăn mỳ ăn liền ở Việt nam. Đó là loại thức ăn không hề tốt cho sức khỏe, vì chứa nhiều loại hóa chất độc hại.

  7. I like all of your videos. And I hope that you can make the transcript in English. Because I want to enjoy and even learn English from your videos. Thanks

  8. Wow , looks so great and ill be doing the same thing end of the year , did you also continue down to saigon ? i will do so too after 2 weeks in Da nang

  9. 14 Hour First Class Sleeper Train in Vietnam | Hanoi to Da Nang Overnight. Video has attractive content and form. Watched the video on Watched the video on Aug 10, 2022 very like. Thank you very much. Have a nice day

  10. Hi Van Vu, love your video❤. How much is the train ride from Hanoi to DaNang? I'd noticed there are 4 beds in the cabin, does that mean you have to share the cabin with a stranger?

  11. This clip of communists tries to convince people that they are still good, but sorry you! Old American taught us : " The only good communist is the dead one!". Who believes in what commies say is naive and will be killed by the communists because my family has experienced all about being cheated and got killed by VC. You better keep being far away from Vietnamese Commies!

  12. You are SO American! C'est Bon mega fail on the French (C'est is like tSay (almost silent "t") like Huế is pronounced like "Way" . Come on honey where do you think Vietnamese got all its tonal accents on words when Viet Nam adopted the European Latin alphabet from? Vietnamese took lightly used French accent symbols and then Monsoon rain stormed them onto Vietnamese words to denote the tones and intended meaning.

  13. "I don't even have internet connection I don't know where we are right now" 🤦🤦‍♂🤦‍♀🌴 Look out the window. Know your country FFS! What do you think your grandparents and great-grandparents think of such a generation? The Viet Minh, NLF and NVA took to the jungle and mountains to fight the most powerful empires on Earth did they have GPS or Google Maps? What about the mountain tribal peoples they have human organic GPS they know every tree and foot step in the forest. Look away from your screen look out of that big beautiful window and learn the landscape.

  14. hello from INDIA…
    We have been watching your videos since the day we planned to visit your beautiful nation.
    thanks for sharing such helpful info.

    also we would want to know how to book a train from Hanoi to Danang from India.?
    coz we are worried we may not get seats 🥺


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