A day in my life in Vietnam

Vietnam travel: A day in my life in Vietnam

Hi everyone! I hope you are staying safe and healthy during the pandemic! I just moved back to Vietnam after 7 years living in the US and the life here is definitely different. Let me take you to a day in my life in Vietnam: what I do in a day, how is Vietnam during Covid19, and of course, the amazing Vietnamese cuisine. I hope you can learn some interesting things about Vietnam.

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32 Responses to "A day in my life in Vietnam"

  1. Because im vegetarian, and jewish, last year when it came time fo Hanukkah, my father made Jackfruit Brisket for me and my sister (who is also vegetarian) and I totally fell in love with Jackfruit! It's so delicious!!!

  2. I love bun cha, my favorite Vietnamese dish. It is one of the few foods in Vietnam that doesn’t have scallions in it by default. Anything else I order that’s not a beverage, I’m ready to show the vendor a picture of scallions cut in various forms with a big red X over them.

  3. Atomy Absolute Trend with Liza · Edit

    I am from the Philippines but I am currently working in Cambodia. I really love watching your video because I want to know more about Vietnam and got fell in love with. How I wish you could also feature a video interviewing some Filipinos in your lovely country 🙂

  4. To be able to send kids to study oversea and all that, your family background/history is probably in upper echelon class among Vietnamese besides talents and hard work.

  5. bewareWolfINSheepClothing · Edit

    Hi, I've subbed ur channel . I am a Malaysian Chinese . Ur beautiful and may i ask how u speak like a native English speaker if u were born and raised in Vietnam ?i can't tell any accents at all, like i have an accent, thou i had studied in Australia before . Hehhe 🤣…please teach me .

  6. Xin chào!
    Rat vui duoc gap ban
    Ten toi là Raul, Toi den tù Brazil, Toi song ó Mogi Mirim, Toi là nguói Brazil
    Ten ban lá gì?
    Ban tú dau toi?
    Ban song ó dau?
    Ban làm viec ó dau?


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