Coffee shops have attractive view in Hue

Hue is always the most attractive destination for many people especially is youth. You can spend two days exploring an ancient imperial city of Hue which is famous for ancient structures. Besides, coffee shops will attract you if you are planning your trip to Central Vietnam. Do not forget to save the list below. This list has many coffee shops with a nice view, cheap drinks that are extremely delicious. It is why young people enjoy these coffee shops. I am sure that you will no longer worry about lack of lively photo or resting place when coming to Hue. 

1. Lim Cafe

Coffee shops have attractive view in Hue 1

Lim Cafe

Address: 25 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, Hue city

Lim’s space is full of white color that will make you feel amazed. It is pure white, natural white to make anyone coming here be also exclaimed because of its extremely stunning. Moreover, the decor here occupies a perfect 10 point for the girls or the boys who like taking photos, check-in, or selfie. It is so strange that a girl comes here without being interested in space here. Nevertheless, tourists visiting this coffee shop feel relaxed after a hard day. 

2, The Ware – House

Coffee shops have attractive view in Hue 2

The Ware – House

Address: 1 Huynh Thuc Nhan Street, Hue City

The WareHouse is probably the nicest decorated cafe in Hue. Even, it always changes its decoration for any reason to make sure that tourists do not feel bored. So, when you have a chance to come back to this coffee shop, you will also have a new background to spoil the photoshoot. Every corner of The Ware – House is carefully taken care of meticulously from the warm indoor space to the open air space. At The Ware – house, do not forget to try the Bingsu – a famous ice-cream of Korea. Besides, The price is soft plus the delicious food and drink with the eye-catching decor. 

3, Coffee 1976

Coffee shops have attractive view in Hue 3

Coffee 1976

Address: 12 Hai Trieu, Hue City

Inspired by Vietnam in the 1970s, 1976 Cafe has brought to Hue a new attraction full of attraction for young people. The decor in this coffee shop is quite simple with the green tone in the 1970s and a rustic sign “Cafe 1976”. This makes you feel light when arriving here. Wooden tables of this coffee shop may have become rare, and the cushions have peacock feathers – the most attractive kind of material today. You can feel that you are taken your time back to the past, with the fierce childhood of the old generation. 

In the romantic rain, going here quietly and watching the street or chatting quietly to recall the memories together is so great. 

4, T Tox Tearoom & Pastry

Coffee shops have attractive view in Hue 4

T Tox Tearoom & Pastry

Address: 87 Le Huan, Hue City

A cozy little teahouse is perfect for you to enjoy the holidays besides aromatic tea and cake. T Tox’s space is pretty, every corner is very cute and there are plenty of props for you to “so deep” like books, ukulele. It specializes in an afternoon tea of England. The tea is quite fragrant, tasty and it has many flavors for you to choose. Do not forget to choose a sweet cake to enjoy with tea. There are many kinds of cake from choux cake, tiramisu to cheesecake that is pretty cute and delicious.

5, Hue Cafe Roastery

Coffee shops have attractive view in Hue 5

Hue Cafe Roastery

Address: 131 Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Hue city

When you look from outside, you can feel of the ancient ecstatic, and go inside, you can find the cozy space, simple but beautiful decoration. The music or the volume is enough for everyone to listen. Besides, the coffee shop also has the balcony to sit to watch the river, the moon, cloud wind, cars, or street.  The menu has many delicious dishes especially is coffee. Its smell is extremely aroma when someone calls a cup of coffee. The owner is enthusiastic, extremely funny so the customer always feels relaxed. 

6, Chin Bubble Tea

Coffee shops have attractive view in Hue 6

Chin Bubble Tea

Address: 29 Le Hong Phong, Hue City

A very nice restaurant in Hue for a group of friends to stop and eat snacks after a hard day. Chin’s space is simple, young, modern and airy. The decor is simple but it feels very comfortable and easy to selfie. It also has two very large glass with tidy letters for people to check-in attractively. Besides the abundant menu, in Chin, you can find a lot of junk food that many young people like to eat such as mango, cheese tokbokki, chicken legs salad and so on.

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