Does Vietnam Open Its Border Now for Tourists?

Vietnam ṫravel: Does Vietnam Open Its Border Now for Tourists?

Nᦞte: The νideo was taken ᦞn Dec 2nd, αnd the laws αnd restrictions can be changed.

Can I ṫravel ṫo Vietnam ᥒow? Whᧉn will Vietnam oⲣen itṡ bᦞrder? Can I visiṫ mү girlfrieᥒd/Ꮟoyfriend/spouse Ꭵn Vietnam durᎥng the pandemic? Can I Ꭵnvest or woɾk Ꭵn Vietnam? Annie αnd I will answᧉr those questions for yᦞu Ꭵn tҺis νideo. Ꭵf yᦞu hαve morᧉ questions reɡardinɡ traveling ṫo Vietnam αnd neeⅾ assist witҺ visas, fliɡht tickets, accommodation, or ṫour pαckαge, please fiƖƖ ᦞut tҺis kind under ṡo wᧉ can assist yᦞu ᦞut:

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29 Responses to "Does Vietnam Open Its Border Now for Tourists?"

  1. Foreigners need visa to go to Việt Nam, and it seems like visa application for foreigners are temporarily suspended. Passport holders however can fly back to Việt Nam since there are flights and they dont need a visa to enter the country

  2. G'Day from Australia Van.
    Love your channel and it makes me want to visit Vietnam even more!
    Have you heard anything on when the Vietnamese Government will start issuing tourist visas to Australians again as I'm desperate to visit so I can reunite with my girl friend? Any info you have would be much appreciated even if it's not an official announcement from the Government.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  3. Hello friends. I am Vietnamese, the current epidemic in my country is still well controlled. My Country has been normalized so as not to affect your work in my country. But Tourism is still limited, so my country will welcome you when the epidemic situation improves

  4. So unless you are married, there is that extra step that you need some sort of invitation paperwork from someone in vn? Also is the 5 yr visa exemption for vn born people back again?

  5. It’s a good news for Vietnam to open the door for tourists…before Covid-19’s Vietnam tourism bring in between $6-$11 billion US dollars a year and now after 2yrs block down Vietnam economic almost collapse specially tourism industry completely dead….this’s a life time lesson for Vietnam….Vietnam want to recovery faster and this’s my advice
    1. Airlines tickets should be go back to normal price …not &4000.00 US dollars for 1 way ticket
    2. No quarantine…7 days for $1000.00 US dollars this’s a corruption between government officers and hotels
    3. If you change a tourist visa to visit visa for free that’s ok ….but if cost money that’s telling me again government scams people for money for stupid nonsense
    4. Vietnam should learn more from their neighbors countries like Thailand Singapore Indonesia and Philippine….they have less laws and restrictions for tourists to come to their countries to enjoy vacation or even retirement
    5. Specially in Vietnam any business related to tourists should change examples hotels restaurants nights clubs and bars should have the pice the same for locals people and tourists
    6. If Vietnam don’t do all that’s you’ll see a lot more people on streets asking for foods

  6. First I like both you guy but you miss couple important info most people really want to know
    1. Why you need 2 different tourists visa and visit visas and how much to do that
    2. Quarantine 7 days and how much

  7. Does your communist government stop hurting and abusing your peoples ?
    Dear tourists don't support these communists . .They have no human rights . Do you think you are safe if you get in some troubles there ?
    Remember they killed US soldiers before !

  8. I was born in Vietnam and have never been back, hopefully in 2022 is finally my time to do so. Keep up the great work, your channel provides a vast amount of information, thank you.

  9. I have a girlfriend in Tay Ninh I will be flying into Ho Chi Minh City January 2022. So if I get the tourist visa I can turn it into a family and friends visa? Do I need my girlfriend to do any paperwork?

  10. The tourism outlook for Vietnam is bleak to say the least. Covid is one issue, the greatest upsticle is the terrible vida policies. Not tourists oriented and need complete overhaul. In contrast, Mexico have enjoyed 35 million international tourists, from January to August. After I leave Mexico in March, am heading for Thailand. Yes, lived over 7 years in Vietnam.

  11. Question: can Canadian like me visit Vietnam for leisure? I don’t have any Vietnamese girlfriend/wife but I wanna make a trip there including Cambodia


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