Hotel and housekeeping managers to join Industry 4.0

Mobile apps, smartphones and robots will change the way hotels and resorts operate, with the aim of bringing tourists convenient experiences and managing housekeeping effectively.

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Luong Thanh Nam, director of Viet Solutions Company, the hotel solution supplier, speaks at the workshop.

Hotel and housekeeping managers should catch up with the development of technology and science in their fields, according to Nguyen Quang, chairman of the Viet Nam Executive Housekeeper Association (VEHA).

He spoke at a workshop organised in Hanoi on Sunday with the aim of developing the Vietnamese tourism industry in a professional way.

“Housekeepers are those who ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of hotels,” said Quang. “They keep hotels clean and provide guests with pleasant stays and memorable experiences. Housekeeping service quality plays an important role in developing the tourism industry.”

The workshop gathered representatives from the Viet Nam National Administration of Tourism, hotels, resorts and tourism experts to share experiences and knowledge on applying achievements of Industry 4.0 to hotel and housekeeping management.

Nguyen Ngoc Tuan, a lecturer from the Saigon Tourism Vocational College, shared an experience in using LINE Messenger, OneNote, and some applications allowing users to report the condition of rooms and other information, organise online group meetings, take photos of the rooms and identify which rooms need cleaning and which are ready to receive guests.

Pham Trung Luong, vice chairman of the Viet Nam Tourism Education Association, said the power of technology has a strong impact on the development of the tourism industry in general and hotel management in particular.

“Digital applications and modern equipment help save water and electricity but these smart systems still bring comfortable experience for guests,” he said. — VNS

Hotel and housekeeping managers to join Industry 4.0
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