How do people celebrate Christmas in Vietnam?

Vietnam cuƖture: How do people celebrate Christmas in Vietnam?

SurprᎥsᎥng thiᥒgs that you miɡht noƭ know aboսt Christmas in Vietnam! In ƭoday’s video, I Һope you ϲan lėarn some Vietnamese new worḋs and cultural tipѕ. Merry Christmas and Happү New Yeaɾ!

Deck the Halls B bү Kevin MacLeod is Ɩicensed undeɾ a CreatᎥve Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

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43 Responses to "How do people celebrate Christmas in Vietnam?"

  1. I'm curious how you celebrate Christmas in your country? Leave it down in the comments :)) Thanks so much for watching guys! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 🎄🎁

  2. Franciscoluche1971🇻🇳 · Edit

    2:51 Yes, but Vietnamese people (also my wife 😂) say “NOEN” instead of “NOEL”. 😅 They can’t prononce the “L” sound, as in “SCHOON” (which is “SCHOOL” 😁), and “GON” (“GOLF”). 😄 Even the “R” is difficult, they call me “PHAN XI CO” instead of “FRANCISCO”. 😅 Well, after 15 years here in 🇻🇳, my Vietnamese is not perfect, so I say nothing. 😜 It’s just cute, and I’m happy to be payed to teach them English !!! 😁👍
    « Lieu Lieu !!! » 😜

  3. I had the pleasure to be in Vietnam for the holidays I have to admit what a joy it was beautiful. The decorations were fantastic and the same for năm mới or new years. The gathering of families Notre Dame church I wish it was like that here This is jumping to another subject I notice that you called Saigon Hồ Chí Minh city when I was there I was told a few times it's not HCMC it's Saigon. I worked for Ford motor in the USA and it was Saigon Ford. I just want to understand the reason?

  4. In Poland, we start Christmas on Christmas Eve with a gala dinner. We have three days of holidays on 24th, 25th also 26th is a holiday day. Families visit and celebrate together. Also 24th is my Birthday ☺ So Merry Christmas!

  5. Učitelskej ve Vietnamu · Edit

    Ehm, sorry, but no. This year was the first time in my life I spent the Christmas Eve outside of the "Christian world". Vietnamese people have NO Christmas in our meaning. This is just a commercial holiday, the possibility to sell more things. There is no Christmas feeling or Christmas atmosphere at all.

  6. I like Xmas. My country celebrated every year. As you know everyone gets excited the start of the Thanksgiving holiday then spilled all the way into new year.

  7. back in the old days when vietnamese learned english. they learned english english and not american english. time has changed. people realized that learning english english is not as financially beneficial as american english. so now everything is american way. very ironic.

  8. The Department of Tourism in VN should consider using you as their spokesperson! Great video. I wouldn’t be surprised if your subscriber numbers shot through the roof in the very near future. Good luck!


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