Vietnam f᧐᧐d: HOW TO EAT PHO HANOI?

Todaү i will introduce you to Pho Hanoi and the condiments thɑt go with the iconic f᧐᧐d. Have y᧐u tried Pho in Vietnam үet?

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43 Responses to "HOW TO EAT PHO HANOI?"

  1. Whenever I eat noodle soup, I add white vinegar and sometimes, apple vinegar. This looks so good. I need to put this in mind when I visit Vietnam…Cheers!!

  2. During my IAEA consulting stint in Da Lat and Saigon ages ago, the main thing to remember at street Pho stands was to put four of those tiny stools together to support my European mass, and entertain my hosts by trying unsuccessfully to use chopsticks. Seriously, in six weeks there I didn't get hang of using that hellish invention. But Pho was delicious.

  3. My goodness, I must eat pho for lunch tomorrow, because I love it so much. I live in San Jose and here has the most Vietnamese people and restaurant in the US. All the pho here seem to be pretty standard. It comes with bean sprouts, basil, sliced chili and a slice of lime. I've never seen the garlic vinegar, but it looks so good. The pho noodle here doesn't look that white. I think the pho in Vietnam looks better.

  4. Hey V
    I found 2 places near me for Pho.. both were great.. but like watching you I’m going out today to have some more!!
    Thanks for the reminder
    Have a great day

  5. Hannaniel de Guzman · Edit

    Can't wait to go there in Vietnam to actually try the real thing!! We have Pho 24 here in the Philippines. It's good too but it just doesn't hit the spot much coz i'm really looking for an authentic experience.

  6. Thank you for showing us how Hanoi pho is different. I'd love to try that garlic vinegar. I was wondering what the Quẩy was made of & googled it. Apparently, it's like a donut? At first, I thought maybe it was fried bananas. It looks tasty, like it would be good with breakfast.

  7. wow garlic vinegar? thats for the soup or salads? I think i have taste vietnam soups in my country they are good but not with the garlic vinegar and those fried sticks, it looks good. Vietnam looks good i like it.Show me some buddhist theravada temples. Is vietnam a theravada buddhist country or it has other buddhist temples like mahayana and vajrayana or essoteric buddhism? i think the japanese call it essoteric shintoism buddhism

  8. Omg I'm watching your videos in quarantine days. The last time I enjoyed Pho was 5 weeks ago cause Covid 19 Pandemic. Anyway, we are Vietnam, we have to try our best to bring good society like before we had. Thanks for your videos about food. Hope you'll more successful.

  9. I like 🍜 withh a lot of pho bo and make it juicy yaa I'm with it other than that I'd wish it was a cold burrito with beans only I'll pass the meat I mean beef pork what evrr

  10. Hoisin and sriracha sauce must be indigenous to Saigon pho, there must not be any Hanoi pho in the states? The breadsticks must be introduced by Chinese, we eat with congee?

  11. Darn. I missed the vinegar/garlic sauce while in Hanoi. I love garlic too!!
    Its interesting how I have yet to see the bread in the USA.
    Tasty video!


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