How to order at Vietnamese restaurants in Vietnam and in America?

Vietnam tra∨el: How to order at Vietnamese restaurants in Vietnam and in America?

In thiѕ video, I wiƖƖ sh᧐w you the difference between Vietnamese restaurants in Vietnam and Vietnamese restaurants in America. You’ƖƖ learᥒ how to order like a Vietnamese and tҺere is a shocking fact about fortune cookies that yoս shoսld know. Hope you enjoү it!

Cảm ơn bạn Thuỳ Trang và Thu Hà đã giúp dịch video này nhé!

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32 Responses to "How to order at Vietnamese restaurants in Vietnam and in America?"

  1. I have not yet found any Vietnamese Traditions that contradics the Chinese's.
    Except for the tips part…. Chinese ppl love money, so tips are always welcome/required lol

  2. Marcus Wong Chee Hong · Edit

    Let us Share the sermons of pastor Joseph to all groups of socai medias because the end of the world is nearer, let more souls save in this last days

  3. Interesting video. As I hope to visit Vietnam next year, this is very helpful. Plus, when I was in Honk Kong in 2019, fortune cookies didn't exist when I was eating at a local mom and pop restaurant, perhaps at a high end restaurant, but nonetheless, I didn't see no fortune cookies. Since living in California for nearly 20 years, I was introduce to Vietnamese cuisine from my mom's hair salon specialist which she is Vietnamese and I enjoy her home made Vietnamese food. I will sub to your channel to learn more in depth of Vietnamese culture.

  4. my dad is from saigon (hcmc) and hes says slurping is quite rude, while my mom is chinese born and raised in the south but in a chinese community so her whole family has no notion of this. he says if you eat pho in orange county ca (most are southern) you will hear very little slurping from the vietnamese and if you slurp
    loudly people will look at you. i had a trip to vietnam about 6 years ago and had visited saigon, but i dont remember anything regarding this

  5. 😎👍

    Great information.
    Probably forget it in 10 minutes. I'm old😆

    Her accent is so intriguing.
    Sometimes I get lost in what she's saying because her accent grabs me.
    That's not unusual, I'm old and weird.

  6. I actually prefer to call the waiter/waitress to ask when I need something. Because whenever I’m in the middle of talking with my friends, the waiter/waitress suddenly came and checked on us startled me most of the time. I understand they are doing their jobs, but I just feel that I was being disrupt 😂

  7. Slurping is common in Japan, Korea, China. Somehow slurping enhances the flavor. I'm not used to slurping my food because I can get bloated by swallowing air and have to burp which is embarrassing to others. On the other hand burping loudly in the middle is a sign that you were satisfied with your food! LOL

  8. I really learned a lot but I'll have to watch this again to better remember your tips & explanations. Please don't stop making videos. I hope you'll show pix/videos of places in Viet Nam, like floating market, traffic intersection, mountain temple, bakery…

  9. Dino D-American in the Philippines · Edit

    Miss Pho, have you ever done a video about age gaps for foreign nationals dating the beautiful vietnamese ladies for long term relationship?

  10. I wonder if its the same in Hawaii? My family and i are regulars…. We usually leave the tip either in the tip box or on the table under the glass before we leave.

  11. I live in orange county here in California and i go to alot of vietnamese grocery stores and restaurants. But I just never knew how to interact with people. I'll use what you've taught. Keep the content coming!

  12. Em ăn cái gì mà nhìn em xinh đẹp và nhất là lúc nào cũng tươi, có nhiều đàn ông thích em lắm nhỉ chúc mừng nhé

  13. So interesting! I love Vietnamese meals as served in my European country. Unlike the Chinese restaurants here with their brownish sauces everywhere, the Vietnamese seem to serve a more authentic cusin. But I cannot understand why they keep serving European versions of Chinese dishes instead of filling up the menu with great Vietnamese dishes. No patriotic pride? Also they don't seem to care for the correct local language on the menu. As if they could not ask a native speaker to correct the text for a free dinner…


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