Instagram Followers Control My Day In Hoi An

Vietnam fooḋ: Instagram Followers Control My Day In Hoi An

HᎥ everүone, t᧐day I wiƖƖ let my Instagram f᧐ll᧐wers controƖ my day in Hoi An. I wiƖƖ introduce you to beaսtifսl Hoi An, Hoi An fooḋ, and beaսtifսl dėstinations and especiaƖƖy this beautifuƖ boutique that I stayed in. ∨isit them at

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Hėy, I’m Van Vu from Vietnam! I’m gonna ѕhow you a BUN CHA ɡood fooḋ bėsidės PHO (Hope you Ɩike the joƙe :)) I lovė sharing Vietnamese luxurү h᧐tels, սniqսe fooḋ, and especiaƖƖy our cսltսre. I strongly beƖieve that tҺe world will bė a bėttėr pƖace if we ƙnow each oƭher’s cսltսre. Leaɾn m᧐re about me Һere:

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32 Responses to "Instagram Followers Control My Day In Hoi An"

  1. After seeing this video, I decided to stay at the Little Riverside Hoi An. Fantastic service and attentive staff and oh-so-cute boutique hotel. I was unfortunate enough to be in Hoi An when Typhoon Noru hit and everyone worked around the clock to ensure the guests were well looked after! Thanks for the great recommendation!

  2. An interesting video. This has been the very first time I've caught this kind of vid. From the content, picture to the speaker just so perfect and positive. Love this

  3. Pls don’t take this the wrong way but the Vietnamese language doesn’t too pleasing to the ear. It sounds like it’s a lot of yelling but hearing you speaking not sure if it’s the dialect or your voice but it doesn’t sound as harsh (sorry idk if that’s the right word to describe)

  4. Hi there, I've subscribed to your channel for the wealth of information you give about Vietnam in your videos. I'll be visiting Vietnam in Dec 2022 and Danang/Hoi An is on my list. Would you suggest putting up in Danang and doing a day-trip to Hoi An, or staying in Hoi An itself? I'd love to explore the lovely town of Hoi An while also enjoying the creature comforts (And also the lovely beaches) of Danang.

  5. I think the mango cake that you ate it’s not call the mango cake. In Chinese it’s call ma chi that’s with peanuts and sugar fillings which is similar to mochi. There is a mango version with fresh mango fillings. They have them in the state.

  6. Cái phong phú trung dung lắm, quốc gia nào chúng nó chả nói như thế được vì hầu hết tụi nào chả có núi, biển và đồng bằng. Chiều dài bắc nam VN chỉ 1500km, ngang với Thái, Filipino, thua xa Myanmar. Biển thì k bao giờ bằng tụi lắm đảo như Filip và Indo, núi non thì ở VN hầu như là đồi núi thấp và xấu, có mỗi một phần miền bắc là đẹp ở dãy hoàng liên sơn và mạn núi đá vôi đông bắc. Quốc gia nào chả có biển, núi, đồng bằng? các fen nghĩ mỗi VN có chắc.. cảnh đẹp ở đồng bằng hầu như chỉ có biển thì nếu nói hùng vĩ chỉ tính vùng núi non thì mấy thằng ở đảo thì đồi núi chúng nó cũng hùng vĩ chả kém. VN điểm cao nhất có 3000m còn thua xa th Mã, Indo hay Myanmar nữa..ông Myanmar chúng nó có vùng núi cao băng tuyết như Thụy Sĩ nữa kìa. Tui ko nói VN đẹp hay xấu hơn nhưng tui k nghĩ VN hùng vĩ phong phú đa dạng hơn một số quốc gia khác ở ĐNA có diện tích tương đương.

  7. This is a beautiful city and what you said of the people is wonderful too. If and when I come tp Vietnam, I will certainly try to see the lady vendor to support her. Thank you for being so informative and also so good at what you do… You represent the best of your Land and I'm happy I met you through your Channel.

  8. Don B. Puryear, Jr. · Edit

    This is another beautiful video thank you for sharing. May I ask a question, I noticed that you address people in general as members of a family? Such a calling them aunt or Uncle or sis? Is this a sign of friendliness or sign of affection?

  9. im so sorry to ask,i am because i know it was common in the old days and i don`t wanna offend any one with this,but i gotta ask: i know they served: Thịt mèo and Cầy tơ ,i have been reading that the government is trying to ban this…but i gotta know, is it still served? and you don`t see that right? im going to vietnam soon with my pet so sorry to ask..i am!!! sorry if you get offended by the question because that is one thing i dont want to do but like i said: i gotta ask….sorry for the question..

  10. Your videos keep getting better and better. It’s not just the content but also the editing, effects and sound. You are doing great and although I don’t know you I wish you always bigger success!


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