Making Dó Paper at Vinwonders South Hoi An

Vietnam travel: Making Dó Paper at Vinwonders South Hoi An

Today, I will participate in many activities, such as making dó paper, riding roller coasters, visiting Vietnam cultural village at Vinwonders South Hoi An.
Here is the official website where you can see their hours and ticket price:

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29 Responses to "Making Dó Paper at Vinwonders South Hoi An"

  1. Visited Vinwonders 2 weeks ago, really nice River Safari with active animals and rich cultural village. Good place to visit if not the weather, which was 37degress Celsius and too hot to walk for long. The parrots exhibit was also nice

  2. Thị Trinh Nguyễn · Edit

    I went last month, I couldn't explore all Vinwonder in 1 day because there are so many interesting things here. I will go there again❤️

  3. Thanks for the amazing captions in both English and vietnamese! I love how that gives your viewers the opportunity to learn along with your videos.

  4. Can you make a video about vietnam education and health ? If you have made such a video please share the link. I know this is regarding tourism related page. Appreciate if you could able to do it bcoz your presenting skill very interesting and this is very important to us.

  5. Nice.
    The Zoo reminds me with Taman Safari (Safari Garden), in Indonesia. Same idea: large open "cage". Different in the concept of seeing the animals: in Taman Safari we enter the "cage" by car, while in your video, using boat.

    I like the idea of having cultural tourism. In Indonesia, too much entertainment.

    I will put it in my list when I visit Vietnam.

  6. I have a question about current events in the world. Is it true that Vietnamese people generally support Russia in its invasion of Ukraine? That’s what I have seen.


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