Q&A: Is Vietnam Sɑfe? Vietnamese Culture Sėriės: Travel

Vietnam cultuɾe: Q&A: Is Vietnam Sɑfe? Vietnamese Culture Sėriės: Travel

HᎥ everyoᥒe!

Toḋay Ꭵ wᎥll answer all of your questions regɑrding Vietnam travėl cultuɾe, sսch as Is Vietnam sɑfe for solo tɾaveleɾs, what ƭhe besƭ plaϲes to travėl in Vietnam, Hanoi or Saigon, districts in Hanoi, and what’ѕ in eaϲh district.

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42 Responses to "Q&A: Is Vietnam Sɑfe? Vietnamese Culture Sėriės: Travel"

  1. Thankyou for giving me the inspiration to book flights and head out of Australia/New Zealand for the first time, spent only 4 days in Saigon district 1 and have to say it was a trip of a lifetime and can't wait to go back, explored the tunnels, did a scooter food tour had beef pho or bo pho it might be, tried different teas, coffees and beer of course and nothing disappointed, beer is better than Australia as well as the coffee, everyone was very friendly, helpful and honest, can't wait to head back hopefully go to Nha Trang and Da Nang as well next time, thankyou again and keep up the great content!

  2. May I know is it possible and expensive to travel by trains instead of by airplane either ways Ho Chin Minh City to Hanoi or Hanoi to Ho Chin Minh City. Do you know how long will this trip take? Means how many hours or Days? Are the Trains Station far away from central cities area in Hanoi and HCMC? Thanks.😀😇

  3. Corey Kuefler - ter Weeme · Edit

    I have a question. So I’m adopted from Vietnam but from Vancouver Canada. Not sure if you saw my other comment on another video. I have visited a couple times and something that I noticed is that people were so fascinated with my hair and kept touching me as I walked down the street. What’s the reason for that? Is it because they know I’m foreign but from there at the same time? does it mean something? I’m guessing they don’t mean to be rude right?

  4. Franciscoluche1971🇻🇳 · Edit

    Unlike you, I don’t like big cities as HANOI or HCMC (especially HCMC 😣), too big , too much traffic and too noisy/polluted. 😱 I like small cities near the beach as Danang or Nha Trang, Dalat is wonderful and romantic, the weather is cooler 🥰 and of course I love my city : CAN THO !!! 🤗♥️🇻🇳

  5. I love the fact that Vietnam is relatively safe. When I was in the Philippines and Cambodia, I didn't feel safe. My associates in Cambodia had to escort me to the restroom because they were concerned I would be mugged.

  6. I am so enjoying your videos. Very informational and entertaining. You have such a professional way of presenting your videos, yet you seem so down to earth and so friendly. Thank you so much.

  7. dạo đây e có tgian nên siêng cày video của chị… e nghe t.anh kém lắm huhu cảm ơn những video bổ ích ntn của chị cho e động lực và tốt hơn

  8. This video is great! I really want to go back to Vietnam now! I wish I can take my mom back again. When we visited in 2012 we were able to find my mom's childhood home in Da Lat but we had poorly planned the trip so we couldn't see much or travel up to Hanoi where my mom was born. I will keep this video saved and refer back when we travel someday.

  9. To some extent, I feel this channel gives a rather sanitised picture of Vietnam. I watched the following video and felt it gave a more practical picture, esp with regard to pollution and food hygiene

  10. Chị Van. Speaking on transportation, I was wondering if you'd be willing to talk about the new subway system they just unveiled in Hanoi and if you think it will change transportation in Vietnam.

  11. Worst I worried about in 12 years there was thieves and of course driving my motorbike with the way people drive in HCMC. I also drove from HCMC to Tay Ninh and Phan Thiet, It's nice to get out and see the country away from mass amounts of people. Grab, Be and Go Viet, but you haven't had a real Vietnamese experience if you're not finding an old school Xe Om. I'd also suggest if in cities tourists use Vinason or Mai Linh only if they take taxis. A lot of taxi services there, but these, if still there, would be the more reputable.

  12. Richard Bates if there's a slot Guadalupe see you in Jose Rizal University by Kasner URE Faith Academy donate La Dicha sa pagkawala ng Español (Efren)FEATI University tiger campus 333(Hudson)L1/2 ONO old navy Quero by Hino Cruz ☯️ Gaisano Mall & shoe mart

  13. Hello van. I am fascinated by the Vietnamese barber shops. The ladies perform so many tasks from different areas. Massage, shaving, ear cleaning, manicure, pedicure. With us that would be 5 different professions or so. What is the name of the profession in Vietnam?

  14. How about medical facilities? I must do kidney dialysis and important to know how available dialysis is. Also insurance. How expensive might it be. I was stationed in Saigon for two years (65 – 67) and my wife is Vietnamese from Ben Tre! I would love to visit there again.

  15. 4:00 I really do not get why people do not want to be offended. What really hurts is then people stop communicating with you and you have no idea what's wrong with you. If I'm a dork for you I want to know about it! Tell me!
    "Words hurt" but they hurt for reason, that's GOOD. Best way to be hurt, you know. Do you really want people around you to investigate the alternative ways to hurt you? There are many "socially acceptable" ways to hurt, like suing, for example. Walking by then you got into car accident. Choosing to help someone else in case of disaster. Ignoring. Snitching. Humans have brains, you know. And they will use them against you. To be offended is the safest choice.

  16. Once upon a time in Doan Hung, Phú Thọ Province.. I was waiting the bus with my Vietnamese friend back in 2014 and she noticed me that i was mstanding in front of someone's house and told me not to stand there because it's considered rude… =) now the question is it considered rude for all Vietnamese people?

    Ohh the funny experience about on the other day was entering someone's house (lol accidentally becausw the built design is similar!!!) you know some houses in Vietnam are built side by side so basically they are sticked together..

    My, friend saw me i was in someone's house so she immediately called me and told me to get out lol

    "haha she told me that she forget not to go inside someone's house"

    Super funny experience indeed!

  17. Why don’t you talk about how prevalent pick pockets are there, especially on buses or how taxis or transportation charge you so much more because your a foreigner


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