Some traditional festivals of Thailand you should not overlook

Known as the paradise of tourism in Southeast Asia, Thailand attracts millions of visitors each year. This country is attractive by not only ideal tourist spots, spectacular islands, stunning cuisine but also colorful festivals throughout the year. Now let’s have a look at some traditional festivals of Thailand to know more about its cultural identity.

1. Songkran Festival

Songkran (Water Festival) is one of the traditional festivals of Thailand. It is held as the traditional New Year’s Day from 13th to 15th April. On this occasion, Thais organize many religious rituals, especially splashing water. According to locals, this is the best way to wash away all of bad luck and welcome a happy new year.

Some traditional festivals of Thailand you should not overlook
Thai people are excited to splashing water in Songkran Festival

Besides splashing water, during Songkran festival, there are parades or beauty contests. People also cook traditional foods and wear colorful clothes. Songkran is typical of the traditional festival model of Thailand, helping this nation become the paradise of tourism.

2. Loy Krathong Festival

Loy Krathong is regarded as the most romantic traditional festival in the world with the sparkling light of thousands of candles and lanterns.

Some traditional festivals of Thailand you should not overlook
Loy Krathong Festival full of light and colors

In Thai language, “Loy” means float and “Krathong” means a floating raft in the shape of lotus. This festival takes place on the night of full moon in December (according to Thai calendar). If you travel to Thailand during this time, you will be overwhelmed by the brilliant beauty of the festival. In Chiang Mai, residents also shine numerous lanterns or set off the fireworks.

3. Vegetarian Festival

This is one of the unique festivals of Thailand, taking place on 1st September every year (lunar calendar). Over the period of 10 days, eating meat, egg or onion-related food is prohibited.

Some traditional festivals of Thailand you should not overlook
A large number of people support Vegetarian Festival in Thailand

In Bangkok, the festival can be clearly seen in Yaowarat or Chinatown (the town of Chinese). A large number of big banners and colorful flags are hung up in front of eateries or restaurants to encourage people to have vegetarian meals.

4. Khao Phansa Festival

With over 90% of Thai population following Buddhism, this religion plays a vital role in religious beliefs of Thai people.

Some traditional festivals of Thailand you should not overlook
Khao Phansa – The big Buddhist festival of Thais

This is a big Buddhist festival held in July to declare the beginning of 3 months of austerity of monks. At that time, many Thai youngsters also tonsure to show their gratefulness to parents – a tradition of Thais.

5. Surin Elephant Festival

Surin Elephant Festival is famous as one of the typical festivals of Thailand. It occurs in Surin – Issan (in the northeast) at the end of the third week in November.

Some traditional festivals of Thailand you should not overlook
Figure Elephants play with mahouts in Surin Elephant Festival

This festival aims to honor elephants and mahouts. There are interesting activities during the festival like the parade of over 300 elephants. They express their talents through dancing, playing soccer with humans.

6. Kite Festival

Kite festival in Thailand is held in March every year. The idea for this event derives from the hot wind blowing in this country in March. Its aim is to preserve the long tradition of kite flying of Thai people.

Some traditional festivals of Thailand you should not overlook
Thousands of colorful kites flying in the sky in Kite Festival

From March to April, colorful kites fly in the sky, which evokes the sense of peace. Tourists can admire this scene at about 4 p.m every day. Unlike other traditional festivals of Thailand, it, in a way, brings you the sense of relaxation and entertainment after stressful working days.

Being a part of Thai cultural identity, traditional festivals are also one of the reasons why a lot of travelers choose to this nation to be an ideal destination. In addition to large-scale events, there are still many other local festivals waiting for you to discover. In this article, I mention only the most impressive festivals of Thailand from my point of view. Enjoy them by yourself!

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