Top restaurants have delicious food, nice space, and affordable price in Saigon, Vietnam

1. The First

Top restaurants have delicious food, nice space, and affordable price in Saigon, Vietnam

If you want to change your appetite in holiday by Europe food, you do not miss The First beefsteak restaurant in Nguyen Van Giai, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. This is not too wide but the design is very cozy. It includes the romantic and private corners for couples and the big table for the large group. For food, the well-known here is the beefsteak. Beef is imported from Australian so its taste is so delicious. A 150 grams beefsteak here costs about $7, including potatoes, vegetables and you can select one of the two types of pepper and mushrooms. There is also a variety of pasta and spaghetti, salad or sets to choose with an affordable price.

2. Bistro 48

Top restaurants have delicious food, nice space, and affordable price in Saigon, Vietnam

Located in Le Thi Rieng Street, District 1, this is one of the famous European-style restaurants in the center of the city. With mid-range prices, delicious food, and warm space, this restaurant is suitable for you to enjoy food in your holiday or organize New Year’s party. Especially, The Bistro 48 is full of homemade bread and sweet potato chips with thick pieces and slices. This is hard to find anywhere else. All types of meat and fish at Bistro 48 are fresh, thick, and tasty. So, whenever you request to recook them, you can also enjoy the sweetness of the meat. Bistro 48 dishes cost from $2 to $6. Typical dishes you should call such as beef with pepper, beef with passion juice, beef with mushrooms, salmon with passion juice, salmon with cheese and tomato sauce, beefsteak with cream sauce and so on. Especially, Coming here for New Year’s Eve, you should call ahead to keep your seat.

3. Garden 42

Top restaurants have delicious food, nice space, and affordable price in Saigon, Vietnam 1

Located in the big alleys of Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Binh Thanh district, Garden 42 is the kind of Europe restaurant in the garden so it is very spacious. There is plenty of space both outdoors and indoors and it is suitable for many people to dating or gathering because there are many private and romantic corners. Delicious dishes in the Garden 42 that you can call such as goose liver, duck cheese sauce, pumpkin soup, grilled pork with honey ribs and so on. Prices are only about $3 that is reasonable for all. The only exception here is probably the location is quite far from the city center and in the alley so it is difficult to find.

4. Hallyu

Top restaurants have delicious food, nice space, and affordable price in Saigon, Vietnam 2

This restaurant has two addresses on Tran Minh Quyen Street and 3 February streets in District 10. Both addresses have the good quality of food. However, the address on Tran Minh Quyen Street is smaller and is often full especially in the weekend. The prices here are extremely soft, only from $ 1.5 but the quality is very good. There is some food such as fried vermicelli, rice rolls, or kimchi hot pot, barbecue red sauce and so on. Especially, the spice is mixed to have the great taste.

5. So Baek San

Located on Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, So Baek San has a relatively modest facade but the inside of the restaurant is quite wide. It is famous for Korean food that young people are really into. At the first sight, you will think that the dishes are quite expensive. However, the price is only from $ 3 to $ 6. The soup to the spicy rice cakes or barbecue has the big size for you to enjoy. Coming to So Baek San, you should remember to order food such as spicy rice cakes, rice rolls, and barbecue. Another plus point of this restaurant is that both the owner and chef are Korean, so the taste is very Korean.

6. Ba Con Soc (Three Squirrels)

Ba Con Soc is located at Le Quang Dinh Street, Binh Thanh District and it has been famous for a long time. Moreover, Its space is quite spacious and comfortable. Ba Con Soc specialize in Japanese food such as sushi, sashimi, or rice rolls. The price is about $2 and its taste is extremely delicious with wonderful flavor. In addition to the diverse menu, the restaurant has delivery service for people who want to enjoy right at home. The only exception is that the restaurant is probably crowded especially on the holidays so you need to wait for having a table.

7. Bistro Restaurant

Located on the first floor of Ly Tu Trong Apartment, Bistro has luxurious but nostalgic space. You can feel that you are eating in a rich house in the old society. Especially, the dishes such as braised fish, fried tofu with citronella, and beef are very tasty. They are elaborately processed with beautiful decorations that make the meal attractive and delicious. The dishes here mainly is traditional food in Vietnam. However, if you want to change, Bistro will be a reasonable choice due to the holiday because the restaurant rarely crowded in the.

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