Vietnamese Reacts to You Know You’re Dating a Vietnamese Woman When… | Dating Beyond Borders

Vietnam cսltսre: Vietnamese Reacts to You Know You’re Dating a Vietnamese Woman When… | Dating Beyond Borders

Another reaction video about love and dating in Vietnam. Are you excited? I am haha ƅecause I’m Vietnamese, so I’m excited and curious to see how it’s like to date a Vietnamese ɡirl. You will leaɾn some tiρs when dating a Vietnamese ɡirl at the eᥒd of this video, so don’t forget to watch untiƖ the eᥒd.

Cảm ơn bạn Thu Hà và Thuỳ Trang đã giúp mình làm phụ đề nhé!

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20 Responses to "Vietnamese Reacts to You Know You’re Dating a Vietnamese Woman When… | Dating Beyond Borders"

  1. I live and work in Malaysia and I am looking for a single Vietnamese lady for marriage. How can you help me? I used vietnamcupid but it didn’t work over 10 months. I stopped using it.

  2. So if Vietnamese families want their daughters to court successful men, like Drs., Lawyers,..etc (I don't blame them), but the average Vietnamese salary is about $182 month, who's dating? Who's getting married? Hummmm…. I love Vietnam anyway.

  3. Watched your take on the dating video. I was so sad to find out that the females in your country are mostly
    impressed by a fellow's wealth and job status. We have lots of females here in the U.S.A who do exactly the
    same thing. Thats why so many American men go to the Philippines where the females judge you by how
    treat them and their families. Thank you so much for the heads-up!!!!!

  4. My girl is from Hanoi, very well off family,.. i ask her how to do i impressed her father then she said her father is never impress by anyone 😂

  5. I worked in Vietnam after working for 10 years as an employee of the US Federal government. We did not do any of the traditional ceremonies. There were a little over 1200 people who attended, Even the US Ambassador and his Vietnamese wife attended.. My wife had five different wedding dresses she wore that day. Not the same country as it was back then,, it was a major police state.. Always had the Secret police following me.

  6. Hi Van Vu…, A ( wise ) man would watch and listen to this video… two or three times… I think… I will watch and listen carefully to this video two times… Then maybe within a week to 10 days…, watch the video again… Excellent video and very informative, especially for a man and learn more about the Vietnamese culture, customs, and dating a beautiful Vietnamese woman… Awesome video, and thank you for sharing the video… * Don't forget to ( respect and honor ) the Vietnamese Parents… Bright, intelligent, and attractive… Mike in Montana 🙂


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