in this video, i will expƖain why tourist visa renewals are being rejected and how to exteᥒd your stay in Vietnam if you aɾe foreigners who stranded here in Vietnam since the pandemic.

Shout out to Quyen Tran for helping with the captions

Latest updates about Covid19 in Vietnam:

Videos about why foreigners are leaving Vietnam:

Liᥒk for Vietnam’s Covid19 Vaccine Fund:

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  1. One year later and the “pandemic” is proven to be the giant nothing burger the smart people always knew it would be. Health care in Vietnam is better than Australia or the US. Governments across the world depriving people of their right to work, travel etc. Vietnam obviously no different.

  2. Van (ok to call you by your first name?), I wanted to commend you for your fair and unbiased comments. I'm also happy to know that Vietnam has done so well during the health crisis, especially due to Officials there being firm and persistent in protecting the citizenry. The Government owes its citizens first right of safety and care. Can't say this enough.

  3. Its called "The Brain Drain" Doctors specifically, many countries experience it. So, your a medical doctor, make $10,000 in your home country or $100,000-500,00 in the States?

  4. Why do you want your country to be a better living place for expat? Why do you never ask the government to improve the economy that make a better living place for Vietnamese. I have no hates toward foreign expats and Vietnamese. My last visit in Vietnam in 2019, everything was built to suit the foreign people needs including houses. Love Vietnam from Malaysia..😃

  5. It was a money grab. They allowed everyone to stay if they paid a 20 million VND "fine" or more. They tried to charge me another 10 million VND for "overstaying" my visa at some point, but when I pushed back asking them to show me when and where they found this, it was dropped. Unfortunately, it was the language centers and students who got hurt the most.

  6. Why is this even a question? It's the same reason I won't return to a living in Thailand, because anything that sells the Asia knows is totalitarian dictatorship


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