Why I built an altar in my apartment?

Vietnam culture: Why I built an altar in my apartment?

Hi everyone, I’m baϲk! In the last couple of months, many ᧐dd thinɡs keρt Һappening to me that made me start t᧐ learn moɾe about Vietnamese superstitions and reliɡion.

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21 Responses to "Why I built an altar in my apartment?"

  1. Not sure anyone has been reached out by her or her account via Telegram personally.
    I added her on my Telegram, and she asked me to invest money. This should be a scam.

  2. I am a born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and I do not believe in any of the things that you're talking about in this video. I have enjoyed your videos very much and I thought you were a very special lady. Honestly it makes me very sad to see you turning to the darker side and superstition. I'm sure I will still enjoy your videos but I will be praying for you

  3. I am notoriously superstitious. Many people around me think this is ridiculous (I live in Texas). Thankfully, the Asian people who associate with me "get it". Science and money do not explain EVERYTHING !

  4. First of all, it was interesting to know about an entirely different topic (other than travel-tourism related).
    Secondly, the concept of religion-spirituality-philosophy in or from Asia are different from the West, so from a western perspective these concepts can be misunderstood.
    Even fellow Asians can misunderstand each other's concepts with regards to spirituality if we don't know the background of culture (ex, although chinese and vn have similarities in culture but yet are distinct which can only be understood if we analyse thoroughly).
    Karma is such a concept, western society simply equates it with actions, but it's incorrect. Karma is a vast concept with different types and can be similar but not same in Hindu/Buddhist traditions.

    Here in India, Hinduism is majority "religion", but fact is neither the word "Hindu" is Indian nor there is any concept of "religion" in India. The most appropriate way to put Hinduism would be , Sanatan way of life.
    Ancestors worshipping is also part of Indic customs, there is a dedicated 15 day, period in traditional calendar when food is offered to ancestors (this year it was in September).

    In conclusion, traditions, customs aren't superstition however at the same time, traditions, customs also have limits beyond which they loose meaning.
    Lastly, Wishing you Good Luck.

  5. Oh my Van,, It should never burned money for luck or even in rituals, you should believe on prayers.. You should pray in this way…. '"Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Your Kingdom come. Your will be done, as it is in heaven, so on earth. Give us food for this day and forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us. And do not let us fall into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one" For sure he'll protect you at all times.

  6. Well, there are definitely many similarities between Chinese and Vietnamese cultures.
    Wish everything goes well – have made my bit to watch the Ads… hopefully, that helps.
    Thanks for the video

  7. You are going to be fine.

    You don't need all those and those rituals.

    Those are just coincidences or a curse unknowingly uttered by the other person. Words will have effect on how humans think and feel.

    You will be fine. Some things happen so we can have a wider and better view on things and on what is to come.

  8. This beautiful 🤴 is back 😍. Need a Prince quickly to show up at her doorstep before she decides to disappear again – this time into a monastery and for good, to escape the bad luck. 😭


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