Why I Left America and Moved Back to Vietnam? | International Student in The US

Vietnam culture: Why I Left America and Moved Back to Vietnam? | International Student in The US

America is a beautiful country that is known as a land of freedom and opportunities. However, there are 3 reasons that made me leave this beautiful country and moved back to my homeland Vietnam. Check out this video to see the differences between America and Vietnam in terms of lifestyles, cultures, food, etc.
Cảm ơn bạn Thuỳ Trang và Thu Hà đã giúp mình phần phụ đề nhé

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23 Responses to "Why I Left America and Moved Back to Vietnam? | International Student in The US"

  1. Cuộc Sống Mỹ -The Hall Family MO, USA · Edit

    Yeah, you are so brave when you decided like that. I dont think everyone can decide like you. Hope you success ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Hi Van! I actually came across your vid by searching up “Vietnamese Americans living in Vietnam.” 😆 I was born over in Vietnam, came over here at 4 y/o and now have decided to move back home with my boyfriend! We are looking at about another year and then we’re packing up and going to VN! I’m super excited, and this video just proves all of what I was thinking. I’ve worked in so many industries, and it seems all have the same characteristics; make money, money, money!!! Can’t even have normal conversations with people without adding in the money factor, it’s sad. That’s all people care about nowadays in America. Anyway, enjoy your life over there, see you soon. ☮️

  3. bạn rất may mắng khi có thễ thực hiện dc dọn về Vn lại. Mình cũng ước về dc VN đễ ở luôn nhưng lại kẹt vài thứ nên chưa thực hiện ước mở máy chục năm. chúc bạn gây dựng thêm clip thành cong vì mình đang hóng video của bạn lắm!

  4. Van, try Australia. There is a large Vietnamese population here and plenty of jobs. You'll have to start saying 'H"erbs and not erbs though.

  5. wow naps wow i only walk fast because i'm in the hood and i don't want my phone stolen or get assulted by a psyco so i do a 360 constantly but not when there's a tough guy around then ur just asking to get hurt

  6. Was looking to do business in VN or move to VN entirely and it brought me here. My dad loves VN and I think if I can retire him in VN he can go fishing every day he'll love that. Even though I wasn't born in VN I miss it a lot.

  7. What you say as a young person has a lot of wisdom. As an old person, I found professional life in the US as super-hectic. I had no time for friends. They piled on too much work and you had to do it or else. They took half of my money in taxes. I am retired now. If you say hello to neighbors, they rarely reply. Nobody is curious about me and I have lived an interesting life. People are in their own bubbles. They don't know you nor do they want to. They don't like conversations. They are too busy. If you say more than a sentence, they sigh. The rent goes up by hundreds of dollars per month each year. If you get sick, you can be wiped out. You are scared that you'll be homeless soon because housing is so expensive. You probably do not have the freedom to comment on this next question, but I would be worried about Vietnam's Communist government (although US Marxists are on the rise and authoritarianism is quickly being established here).What about diseases such as dengue and malaria? We have Lyme disease here though.

  8. Totally agree with you on everything !
    Lived in the US for 13 years

    I’m a German living my “American dream “ here in Asia !
    Been here for 15 years and don’t regret it at all !

  9. Thank you for sharing your story. Very interesting information. I respect your decision. I am seriously considering retirement outside the United States and Vietnam has become high on my list. So refreshing hearing opinions of others

  10. No power No connection may still limit your success AND your ability to make money.

    No freedom of choice.
    No freedom of speech.

    Rich become richer
    Poor become poorer
    Just money talks.


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