2024 Ultimate Vietnam Travel Guide | Only Local Guide You’ll Need Before Traveling to Vietnam

Vietnam f᧐᧐d: 2024 Ultimate Vietnam Travel Guide | Only Local Guide You’ll Need Before Traveling to Vietnam

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This Vietnam Travel Guide is a compɾehensive ɾesouɾce tҺat offers eѕѕential informɑtion for tra∨elers exploring this divėrsė couᥒtry. It incƖudes deƭails on ρoρular ḋestinations, practicalities sucҺ as visas, currėncy, and language, as weƖƖ as transportation oρtions like taxis, buses, trains, and domeѕtic flights.

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31 Responses to "2024 Ultimate Vietnam Travel Guide | Only Local Guide You’ll Need Before Traveling to Vietnam"

  1. Ms Van . Thank you ,Thank you , for another fab vid . Sally-Ann and I will be in Vietnam in April , doing South to North with a stop in Hoi An , Da Nang . Hopeing to do the helicopter trip around the Marble Mountains from the old airbase . Is that a booking you would recommend ? Cheers , Pete . 🇻🇳🇬🇧

  2. Beautiful, great contents, lovely voice and you do a good job ❤ I have been watching your channel to learn English and also something new about our country 😂😂

  3. Hi. I’m originally from Vietnam but fled with my mom when I was 4. My uncle wants me to live with family there. I finally visited family last year. Am I allowed to stay there now that I’m in my 50’s. Or do I still have to get 30 day visa cause I did not live in Vietnam. I’m now in Hawaii.

  4. Hi Van, good videos as always! Question: I always said "Chi Oi or Anh Oi" while traveling in Ha Noi. Is there a borderline as when to call someone "Em oi?"🤔

  5. Question….I have my e-visa. Do I still have to have 2 passport photos and $25 for immigration at the airport? I am still confused on that….Thanks

  6. Awesome video, great tips. Thanks for providing basic but comprehensive information before visiting the country. Will be watching it again once I am ready to visit in 2024. Your ROCK!

  7. Hi Van, hope the things are in your favor. Thank you very much for sharing this video. So glad to hear these useful tips for traveling. Best wishes, keep moving forward!💯🙏🌾🙂

  8. Thank you for this useful and complet guide! I'll do the Ha Giang loop next week and I personally prefer to take an easyrider to enjoy the view instead of watching the road. 😊

  9. Hi Vân – thanks for sharing this video. I will be there next week(after20 yrs.). My phone is with Verizon which does not have the removable sim card slot. Do you know if it has the option to get local network to work? I'm planning to purchase the international plan with Verizon and wonder if it will work. Thanks.

  10. When renting a scooter or motorcycle always confirm which break controls the back or the front because it depends on what country it's manufactured in if they drive on the left side or the right side and you don't want to lock up your front wheel and go head over heels.


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