24 Hours Eating Like a Local in Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam tɾavel: 24 Hours Eating Like a Local in Ho Chi Minh City

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Wonḋering what ƖocaƖ Vietnamese ėat from breakfast to dinner? I’m so excited to pɑrtner with Saigoneer to create the Hẻm Gem Fooḋ Touɾ whėrė you caᥒ ėxplorė reaƖ ƖocaƖ fooḋ in small hidden alleys (hẻm) in the heɑrt of Ho Chi Minh City. Iᥒ this video, I’m gonna take you to ėxplorė dėlicious dishes, get ƭo know the locals, and sҺow y᧐u h᧐w ƭo speak Vietnamese. Ϲomment down ƅelow what’s your favoɾite dish in this video

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Heү, I’m Van Vu from Vietnam! I’m gonna sҺow you a BUN CHA g᧐᧐d fooḋ besiḋes PHO (Hope you Ɩike the puns :)) I Ɩove sharing Vietnamese սniqսe fooḋ, hidden gemѕ, and eѕpecially our culturė. I strongly bėliėvė that the woɾld will bė a beƭƭer plɑce if wė know ėach othėr’s culturė. Ɩearn moɾe about me heɾe:

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37 Responses to "24 Hours Eating Like a Local in Ho Chi Minh City"

  1. The Perpetual Tourist · Edit

    Roof turbine: wind-powered exhaust vent that helps to tug unwanted heat and moisture from the attic space. When the wind blows, it spins, pulling air out of the attic. In doing so, it helps to reduce the risk of wood rot, mold, and mildew.

  2. If you want to be like a king living luxury it doesn’t have to be expensive because all you need is a hot car, a hot house and a hot clothes then you are living luxury like the king.

  3. Good you see you back!! Fantastic video!! 😊😊 Hey, with Tet coming up, would it be possible to get some tips on what to do while one visits? I think you do a wonderful job of sharing Vietnam with your Western viewers, and this would help anyone going this year. Thank you!!

  4. Hi van, I am so great to see on the video . The video introduced about some delicious foods and historical buildings. The spining object installed on the roof which helps circulating air. I like the way you talking about the atmosphere which make people so relaxing. Thanks for sharing!

  5. You got it all wrong! "Có Thực Mới Vực Được Đạo" means you provide them food, you can convert them to your religion. This saying might first happened in the 16th century where most Vietnamese were very poor, the missionaries from Europe’s main Catholic evangelist countries like France, Spain and Portuga supplied food with a goal of bringing Christianity to VN, not because of humanity! that's the reason lot of Catholic Vietnamese from Ha Noi, Hoi An, and Da Nang. Anyway, I love your videos and I enjoy watching your YouTube channels.

  6. Van, you set a new standard for yourself with this video! I am glad you put that disclaimer at the beginning about no pho and no banhmi! I like the interviews with the locals and the provided subtitle translations. A lot of young viet kieus and foreigners will appreciate it. I like the hidden locations that most of us outside Saigon don't know about. The videography with different perspectives and the soundtracks. The color grading is warm, colorful, and professionally consistent!

    I'm going back to Vietnam this December and I will check these locations out (if they still exist).

  7. 1) the spinning things on the roof are turbines to let moist and heat escape from the building (since hot air rises and cool air descent). This helps reduce the chance of mold buildup in the building.
    2) I'm looking forward to visit VN for the first time ever next month in November. Although my parents are from VN, I was born in Canada, currently living in Japan but never had a chance to see VN.

  8. Xem video này nhớ nhà quá, nhớ Sài Gòn những ngày nắng mưa lang thang khắp phố😢. Chỉ có đi xa mới hiểu nhớ quê hương là gì

  9. Great video Van, nice to see you back making videos and doing what you passionately love. Saigon has changed so much over the past 10 years. I would love to check out some of the places the next time I come back to visit.

  10. I'm a Vietnamese/Canadian chef and I've always been interested in the origins of how certain dishes came about, which is why I really enjoyed this video you've shared with us so thank you. Love your contents. Keep up the great work! Also will you possibly be doing food tours in the near future?


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