Q&A: Vietnamese Culture 101 (Tipping in Vietnam, Drinking Culture, Why no shoes in the house?)

Vietnam culture: Q&A: Vietnamese Culture 101 (Tipping in Vietnam, Drinking Culture, Why no shoes in the house?)

In today’s video, I will answer your questions about Vietnamese culture. You will learn a lot about Vietnamese tipping culture, drinking, giving gifts etiquette, and why Vietnamese people don’t wear shoes in their house, etc.

Cảm ơn bạn Thu Hà và Thuỳ Trang đã giúp dịch video này!

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23 Responses to "Q&A: Vietnamese Culture 101 (Tipping in Vietnam, Drinking Culture, Why no shoes in the house?)"

  1. A very informative video. I will know how helpful after my return from Vietnam next month. I'll have to watch the phrase vid. next to further my Youtube research. Thanks for your perspective!

  2. This video was very helpful 👍🏾. I have been trying to learn more about Vietnam so that I can understand my boyfriend's parents culture and traditions. Unfortunately my boyfriend doesn't teach me about Vietnamese culture unless it's food related. I'm hoping he embraces his culture more in the future.

  3. Not very Vietnamese home has an alter. There is a large influence of Christianity there now and so I didn’t think you meant literal “everyone”.

  4. Miodrag Stamenkovic · Edit

    So, it's hot and humid and you're jogging with mask on?! At least it's not N95 like i saw people wear in China when jogging. Jesus guys, you'll destroy your lungs!

  5. Vietnamese people in general are very kind but at times after continually being scammed and taken advantage of Vietnam could also be called a nation of thieves.

  6. In my house, we dont wear shoes in the house either. Although we dont eat on the floor, and my grandparents and parents are fine with me wearing my shoes in the house. (My family is Vietnamese)

  7. They shouldn't speak english, 1 they're not english 2 their culture is nothing like theirs nor usa. They should learn French which is culturally closer with a great emphasis on respect as a foundation to society. And their names should be written correctly always with vietnamese diacretic marks. This also is their culture.

  8. What about Christianity? Are they still allow to practice and perform their worship there openly and easily with your country government approval or not?

  9. I am so happy that you told the audience that you need to ask a Vietnamese person 3 times before they will finally accept. Growing up with all my American friends I starved except food at their house the 1st or 2nd time and they would just say OK fine. So I would stand there and watch them eat and be starvin.

  10. MeltedVelveeta CheeseSauce · Edit

    Learning about the Vietnam War motivated me to learn and be fascinated with Vietnam and to understand that there's more to Vietnam than the war.

  11. Extra Tips:

    1)Do Not Walk and use your phone walking around. Motorbike robbery is a real thing.

    2)Vietnamese people are hard working….just go to the local police station and see how hard they are working in their flip flops.

    3)Nhau/Drinking is VN number 1 sport. Factually true, that VN is the largest consumer of Heineken in the world.

    4)Hai Phong very helpful at taking your money

    5)Confucianism is not the same as Buddhism.

    6)Sitting on floor due to multi-use spaces.

    7)1954 Dialect is different from 1976 dialect. The latter being much more difficult to understand. But in reality Vietnam has more than 100 ethnic native groups.

    8)VN borrowed Saigon City from Cambodia… and never gave it back.

    9)VN people definitely have ancestry worship, and also some practice Black Magic Witchcraft to curse their enemies and people they dislike. Ask Van about the locke of hair or the cursed egg.


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