Why Vietnamese People Love Taking Naps?

Vietnam cսltսre: Why Vietnamese People Love Taking Naps?

Vietnamese ρeoρle LOVE NAPS! They caᥒ sleep on thė floor, in ƭhe offiϲe, on motorbikes, and at schooƖ. Why do Vietnamese ρeoρle love taking naps so mսch? Let’s find ᧐ut!

Cảm ơn bạn Thu Hà và Thuỳ Trang đã giúp dịch phụ đề cho video!

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24 Responses to "Why Vietnamese People Love Taking Naps?"

  1. Why Vietnamese now after taking the noon nap, become so lethargic and way less productive throughout the rest of the day (afternoon).🥴🥴

  2. Heat, Humidity, and Long Days ! Depending where you are the sun is blazing at 530 or 6am with sunset at nearly 845pm (2045 hrs). But those naps feel great !

  3. Its just a cultural thing that passed down from generation to generation, with some reasons behind it ofc. I can remember as a kid it was mandatory that we kids take a nap even when we dont want to, otherwise we will end up with a round of asswhooping for disobidience🤣 my norwegian gf was shocked aswell when we visited vietnam, i told her thats because ppl in vietnam gets up quite early in the morning for preperation if they are running a private business. And the air in the morning is so relaxing compares to the heat and all the noises when everything wakes to life.

  4. Like the contrasting lunch breaks at the beginning. I live in the US now, so I can relate to the first part. The second part reminds me of my father daily "lunch and nap". Good job providing rationales for the lunch naps in VIETNAM.

  5. Dontblinkoryoullpoop · Edit

    it's funny because i take naps and I'm half Vietnamese lol I stay up late and then wake up early and take a couple hour nap in the afternoon

  6. Yep,I love sleeping I’m living in French and the family of my mom is in vietnam and help them and I have money and I give some and we go in many places I see that is a beautiful culture

  7. Another reason is that high carb meals result in feeling of sleepy. As Vietnamese people contain a lot of carbs (rice) compared to other meals

  8. I remember the wonderful day finally came when I picked up my new wife from VN at the airport and she got to see the country she would be spending the rest of her life in.. but she just fall asleep in the car.. tell you what though when I had to make a quick stop at Costco she really came alive and after two hours I was lucky to even get her out of there!

  9. I'm so glad you covered this in a video. Before moving to Vietnam, I never used to take a nap. But now it's like second nature! I usually finish my kindergarten classes by 10:30, then all the kids get their little beds ready, so that it's ready by the time they finish having lunch. Too adorable for words.

  10. As a high school student in VN, I'd seen a handful of times of my classmates or other schoolmates sleep on tables, some even combining chairs together to take a nap, even I'd did though I don't recommend sleeping tables it's risky, sleep on chairs you'll be squished between the table and the chairs
    Not only because of the heat or culture, it because the people here tend to wake up very early, especially students, some even wake up at 4am and sleep at 1 or 2 am, no I'm not exaggerating I myself wake up at 5am and sleep at 10 which is a luxury for students and I have to leave the house before 6 because most students don't live near their schools so they have to wake up early as not to be late
    Students from the age of 14-15 which is 9th grade the last year of secondary school will start to study a second round of classes, but there are also students who'd stayed at school for the whole day at the age of six are called học sinh bán trú they will be provided with everything at school, but for those studying regular classes, we either stay at school or go home if it's near the school, those who stay at school will have to provide themselves and must find ways to take naps or survive on coffee if they still have school work
    It's hard to study in VN I'd myself had 2 round of classes(học buổi 2) since I was 15 even studying on Saturdays at school(Since I was 9, some schools do this some don't), let's just say students here are deprived of sleep so we need naps terribly


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