7 Vietnamese Things That Even Vietnamese People Hate

(*7*)Vietnam tɾavel: 7 Vietnamese Things That Even Vietnamese People Hate

In thiѕ video, i will reveaƖ 7 Vietnamese things that even Vietnamese pe᧐ple hate. Hate might sound like a strong woɾd ƅut these things are defiᥒitely confuѕing and inconvenient to Vietnamese pe᧐ple. Ϲheϲk out the list to ѕee if үou struggƖe with these things as weƖƖ. Hope you enjoy the video!

Cảm ơn bạn Thu Hà và Thuỳ Trang đã giúp dịch video này nhé!

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41 Responses to "7 Vietnamese Things That Even Vietnamese People Hate"

  1. There is traffic everywhere you go , the Vietnamese tradition is beautiful n love the food , travel to Vietnam once n I understand how it is over there , I love the country n no bad comments to make , just have to be polite n have tourist commonsense

  2. I loved Vietnam when I visited in 2018, and not many things bothered me. I wasn’t driving, so obviously avoided that particular stress and although it was very humid in July I prefer that to cold weather. 😂
    Perhaps the only item I’d add is the amount of litter in beautiful places like Halong Bay and some of the beaches.

  3. Sitting in traffic in Saigon or hanoi during rush hour is no joke at all my little friend bc the fumes from motor bike oh oh oh OMG , here in California traffic is bad but u sitting in the car not motor bike ok … what the flip3 …. phở Chào. Mong vanvu nói được nhiều tiếng Việt Nam hơn nửa… come on girl 👧 u can do it 💪 👏 🙌

  4. I will complete complaints… 🤓

    As an American, why when dating Vietnamese women they always want to take me home to see parents even after 1-2nd date… forget about kissing, I am afraid of wedding or proposal… can’t Vietnam women just kiss and date or more and leave it at that? am I wrong??? 😘🥂

  5. When I lived in Texas the Vietnamese people were the most wonderful tradespeople. In all trades….medical,food etc.I miss bahn mi! I can’t find a decent one in NW RURAL GA.

  6. As a Vietnamese I don't agree with 7 at all tet is a particular time where I got to experience my culture as a Vietnamese/Chinese since I'm adopted I don't really know abt Vietnamese culture I am more educated in Chinese culture when my adoptive mom lets me prepare for tet i feel more connected to my roots where i am from

  7. Your comments about how Tet changes from your a child to when your adult is same as Christmas in Western countries.
    It's a lot of of pressure on adult for Christmas. Buy presents, buy food, get the perfect tree. And make the family coming together.
    But it's family traditions, and when you get kids your self you will see it from a different angle.
    Enjoy Tet, as we enjoy Christmas, it's a nice time with family 😊

  8. Mike scratching texas · Edit

    I have a Vietnamese lady friend. And she too hates the heat. It makes her sick for the whole summer. And she lives in saigon. Better known as Ho Chi Minh City. I go and visit her once a year and say hi. I knew her father when I was in the war over there.

  9. I think the Bum-Gun should be regarded as the eighth wonder of the world, a giant leap for mankind. I have saved millions by not buying toilet paper because of the Bum-Gun!

  10. U can easily tell how much people suffer-more than they enjoy their time during a trip to Nam…bad roads, bad food safety standards, foreigners constantly getting scammed, fake chinese souvenirs, road deaths, but many people are so condescending and humble by not trying to offend my Vietnamese friends by telling the truth. And MSG is an industrial drug (exito-toxin) just like crack and cocaine. Oh but they still believe its from natural sources lime tomatoes or sugar canes… dumb dumb

  11. Taxi drivers in Mexico always say, "no cambio," which means no change if all you have to pay are big bills. It's BS, of course. They just want a big tip from the stupid visitor.

  12. How can you dislike Tet? National holidays require hard work in preparation of course, but the result is happy parties, nurturing your neat and dearest and good time together. Honestly, if it is a real stress, you are doing it wrong and with the wrong crowd – reimagine it, don’t do the stiff you hate, and focus on the people you care about. Then it has to be fun!

  13. The best (pay) public toilet I've ever used was in Hội An. It was a fancy Toto bidet model complete with dryer. No need for toilet paper. But as an American who's been to SE Asia a number of times, I really like the bum gun, too.


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