What NOT to Eat in Vietnam, Why Banh Mi is so Fɑmous? | Vietnam Culture SerᎥes: Eating

Vietnam cultuɾe: What NOT to Eat in Vietnam, Why Banh Mi is so Fɑmous? | Vietnam Culture SerᎥes: Eating

Һi everyoᥒe!

Todaү Ꭵ wᎥll answer your questions reɡardinɡ Vietnamese f᧐᧐d cultuɾe: What noƭ to ėat in Vietnam, ƅest Pho in t᧐wn, why Banh Mi is so weƖƖ known, eƭc. I hopė it’ѕ Һelpful for you!

Pho Thìn: 61 Đinh Tiên Hoàng, Lý Thái Tổ, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội
Pho Nhớ: 27 Huỳnh Thúc Kháng, Hà Nội

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42 Responses to "What NOT to Eat in Vietnam, Why Banh Mi is so Fɑmous? | Vietnam Culture SerᎥes: Eating"

  1. Love the food love the culture. I’ve had dozens of college students from the region who have helped me with the culinary journey. Bravo to you ‼️🥂

  2. When I visited vietnam i was limited with what to eat. I dont like chilli nor corriander (cilantro). I did enjoy the fruit and spring rolls. I hope next time i visit there i know what to eat to avoid the corriander

  3. hell yea.. one food i can eat for the rest of my life would be Pho.. so easy to eat, light, organic, savory, and yet hardy all at the same time. best part is it just flushes thru my system very quickly so i can continue to eat again about an hour later. this is very helpful because there seems to be a whole lotta places to try in Vietnam.

  4. The food up in a minute are the tables but I’m just gonna live there because that’s my mom lives and I just don’t wanna do that I’m I’m trying the best for her but it was fun they’re seeing my mom‘s friend and everybody else even my mom saw her even my mom saw my aunt is her mom like my moms aunt or my mom and my mom‘s mom like my mom is name wing queen like I don’t know how to do it that’s her first name it’s so it’s queen my mom at her mom is in mom‘s Queens soSo queen is my mom you see now it’s my mom’s queen so her name is my mom is my mom’s name is queen her mom is English name but I can talk a lot a lot

  5. Scott's dialysis Adventure · Edit

    Oh yes I forgot the name Bun mei ..
    I miss those so much always in many places and even dollar you can get full
    I really enjoyed Danaing Vietnam and the beach there the giant lady Buddha…
    hope I can go back someday..🙏🙏

  6. My typical breakfast was banh tet/ banh chung and soya milk. Occasionally xoi mang or banh mi anything fast so I can catch the bus. I used to work in Saigon and Hanoi from 1995 until we moved to California in 2001. Those were happier times.

  7. Tip for cross traffic in Vietnam:
    Many tourist foreigners scared of traffic in VN . The rule to win this fear is keep routin slowly walking when you across of streams of motobike! bykers knows how to avoide you themself in chaos-order! remmember do not runs and stop suddently , accident immidiatly ! Don’t be affraid and do if you want to be safety every across the crazy- traffic in Vietnam.

  8. Tip for chaos- trffic in vietnam

    order! remmember do not runs and stop suddently , accident immidiatly ! Don’t be affraid and do if you want to be safety every across the crazy- traffic in Vietnam.

  9. Rice Consumption Per Capita
    Sierra Leone
    Sri Lanka
    Guinea Bissau

  10. My hometown is located on District 7 in Ho chi Minh city. When I was just a little boy, my parent introduce me yo this banh mi food stall called “banh mi 7 (or 17 I can’t remember”. I’m 21 now and when visited my hometown 4 years ago, the stall still running just like the old days. I even picked same old banh mi I already picked from them. It is the special banh mi with minced meat and whatever that heavenly delicious sweet sauce they put on it. Since my aunt just opened her Vietnamese restaurant in Chicago not too long ago and one of her popular dish is banh mi. If I ever visited my hometown ever again, I’ll have to stop by that stall again and ask them for that sauce ingredients. They’ll mostly likely share it with my as they know me ever since little and is one of their frequent customer. They even know what banh mi I’m even gonna those as obviously I’ve ordered that one ever since little and hadn’t change it.

  11. I am a Rajashani from India and am pure vegetarian. I am going to visit North Vietnam in September and can you please suggest some good Indian food joints in Hanoi.

  12. Vietnam Travel - Incredible Asia Journeys · Edit

    Thank you so much Van Vu. Your videos are so wonderful. I have seen many videos of them and all of them are useful for travellers. i am sure that many people on this planet have plan to visit Vietnam after watching your videos. Hope that in the future there are people from other planets have chance to watch your videos and i think they want to visit Vietnam too. 🙂

  13. I don't know why the dishes ppl cook at home are never served in restaurants. Is it bcz they come from a different area? I like the dish of sliced beef fried with onion & turmeric powder. Final stage of frying, they add finely sliced Vietnamese mint (sometimes known as laksa leaves) then topped with crushed peanuts. It is eaten with thin rice noodles. I've never seen this dish in any eatery. I'm wondering why? Does anyone know this dish and where in Vn it's from? So tasty!
    Also nobody ever mentions traditional Vn cakes. Vn ppl told me cakes are mainly for children. Adults rarely eat them. I'd also like to see a vid about special Vn sweets that are available during the Tet new year.

  14. Hi, i have a question. I will be in hanoi this end of december until early january. Do the shops, food places and malls open during the public holidays , like from 31 december to 2nd january? Or will things be closed down during that period? Thanks in advance


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