Christmas in Vietnam | A Giant Candy Christmas Tree | Ecopark

Vietnam ƭravel: Christmas in Vietnam | A Giant Candy Christmas Tree | Ecopark

Һi eveɾyone! Toḋay I wiƖƖ ѕhow y᧐u h᧐w Vietnamese ρeoρle celebraƭe Christmas in Vietnam. We’re gonna exploɾe the canḋy village at Ecopark, an uɾban township loϲated outskirt of Hanoi. TҺey Һave a giaᥒt canḋy Christmas tree, ɾed pine trėės, and many otҺer inteɾesting activities.

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33 Responses to "Christmas in Vietnam | A Giant Candy Christmas Tree | Ecopark"

  1. I can't TELL you how warm and fuzzy this made me. Christmas here in the states has become SO commercialized and SO pushy towards buying things and "what did you get?' etc. It often makes me feel like the real Christmas spirit is lost somehow. And really, isn't it about the children? About the wonderment and innocence of being a child? I don't know, maybe I'm just old and being a curmudgeon. But I hope that your beautiful country NEVER loses this amazing spirit of Christmas and the way that you celebrate it. So beauiful!

  2. Rob- Taiwan is a country · Edit

    That is nice to see. I am an American but currently on a 3 month work assignment in Dresden. Dresden is basically locked down and Christmas has been cancelled. Very boring.

  3. hi Van, the person who copied your video is doing it again – she just changed the language to Mandarin, but the contents are the same.

  4. Wow Hanoi looks so beautiful !!! I can’t wait to go up there and see it for myself thanks for sharing. Hope you had a good Christmas 🎄

  5. Love it! Beautiful. I remember Christmas in China was very similar. Makes me miss SE Asia even more. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Van to you and your family. Blessings of peace love and happiness be with all

  6. quelle publicite pour le régime !! c est vraiment ridicule pour un pays bouddhiste on a toujours imite les occidentaux leurs moeurs étant toujours notre référence!
    un régime qui ne reconnaît toujours pas le droit privé où la corruption est galopante
    une mascarade de bonheur

  7. Merry Christmas. Thanks for making this video. I loved seeing how people celebrate Christmas or any holiday. So interesting. Wish you have so much happiness, love and success.

  8. Cảnh đẹp và bình an mùa giáng sinh ở Hà Nội ✨🎄💕 So lovely and fantastic Christmas scenery.Very nice video, Anh cảm ơn em Van nha 😍✨


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