Differences Between Pho Hanoi and Pho Sai Gon

Vietnam travel: Differences Between Pho Hanoi and Pho Sai Gon

Pho is one of the most popular dishes in Vietnam. A hot bowl of pho, soft noodles, sweet broth, a little lemon, and a few slices of chili is extremely delicious. But pho in each region has different characteristics in form and a little taste. In today’s video, I will show you the differences between Hanoi and Saigon pho.

There are a lot of myths and legends about Pho’s origin. One theory is that Pho was from Vân Cù village in Nam Dinh province, where people carried and sold Pho on bamboo poles to make a living during the 20th century. Another theory is that Pho was popularly rose in Hanoi due to a surplus of beef bones during French rules in the late 1800s, and pot au feu, an excuse for my pronunciation, pot au feu is a famous French dish, very similar to Pho sot vang today, so the French culture might have some influence on Pho. Many people believe that the name Pho was from the Chinese word Phan, in Nguu Nhuc Phan which is a Chinese cow meat noodle soup. In the 1900s, Chinese food vendors call the name of the dish from distant to attract customers “Nguu Nhuc Phan” and it was shortened to nhuc phan then phan.

During the Vietnam War, there were a lot of northern Vietnamese migrated to the south of Vietnam, and of course they brought Pho recipes with them. After the Vietnam war in 1975, many people fled the country and they built their community and reserved the culture by cooking Pho. And that’s why you see there are a lot of Southern Pho in the U.S, Canada, and other countries. Nowadays, Pho is known worldwide and it’s a beauty of many cultures and historical stories.
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40 Responses to "Differences Between Pho Hanoi and Pho Sai Gon"

  1. Tried both but gimme southern pho everyday! Thai basil, vietnamese mint, saw tooth coriander and bean spouts and other stuff makes the pho 10 times better than the north hehe

  2. Another great video, thanks. I love Pho, I have different variations, one seem to put cinnamon in their Pho, or something that tasted like cinnamon. Then others didn't have that flavor in their Pho. Is that usually typical or not normal practice with Phos?

  3. Christopher Blackwell · Edit

    I don't add condiments. If I'm eating a pho, I expect a 12-18 hour bone broth. So, I'm not messing that up. But, in the U.S. I suspect many pho restaurants use a lot of mixes similar to a bouillon.

  4. I use to live near a Vietnamese restaurant named My Dung. My Vietnamese friend told me it means beautiful in Vietnamese. I told her it means my poop in English. Sufficed to say, it did not stay in business for long.

  5. "If the broth is sweeter and tastier, you probably had the Southern Phở version." Not even 20 secs in and this lady already declared war..

  6. Beef Pho to me… whatever, i could eat both, i don’t dig it as much as Bún bò Huế. But chicken Pho 😁 Northen chicken Pho is the best. I never eat chicken pho here in Saigon since it was just not right. The broth they use are the same for both chicken and beef Pho, and it’s a no no for me. The chicken broth is so different from beef, please don’t use the same broth for 2 different type of Pho.

  7. I’m from the south and love the vegetable choices you get in pho but I love the big noodles and raw egg from the south, made me miss Vietnam and getting hungry 🤤

  8. I don't know whether Pho Ha Noi or Pho Sai Gon is better, I don't really care. However, you made me very hungry and now I must look for a bowl of Pho asap. 😋😋

  9. Euro Asia BT Limited · Edit

    Thanks , I have been a couple of times to HCMC and yes the Pho was great . Your Pho from Hanoi looks amazing . I shall deffinately being trying . Thanks for all the wonderful videos . Great chanel .

  10. Very interesting video. Definitely learned how different Northern Pho is and I guess I've been eating Southern Pho my whole life in North America

  11. There's a huge community of Vietnamese in Adelaide Australia. I used the work at a supermarket with 50% of customers were Vietnamese. Lots of restaurants, Vietnamese shops with typical Vietnamese ingredients. Great people and tasty food !

  12. Do you think the condiments we put in pho are also influenced by the people who immigrated to Southern Vietnam vs Northern Vietnam?

  13. To me I love the wide flat thin rice noodle in northern pho i crave alot for itand the beef soup is very strong savory beefy taste on the saltier side with green onions is perfect which I like sooo gd. With all the garnishing of different raw vegetables in southern pho on the little sweet side is good but i do not like the small thin noodles.

  14. Actually we had pho inSouth Vietnam before 1975 and even during the French colony, though its origin is from NorthI VN. I was born and grown up in South Vietnam before 1975 and I saw pho restaurants in any city.

  15. Hi Van Vu …you speak well and describe well…am pleasantly impressed compared to most Vietnamese that i have spoken to. Will Thumbs Up for you and load 10 Stars if the App allows…😉

    As for the Northern and Southern Pho comparison…its valuable to me…and i thank you Van Vu.


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