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Opened in 2004, Vincom Center Ba Trieu has quickly become a famous commercial center in Hanoi. It is located on the road which is considered as a “shopping paradise”. The center is the destination of numerous customers, the convergence of many famous domestic and international brands. 

What should you buy?

Vincom Ba Trieu is located at 191 Ba Trieu, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi; which is the intersection of 4 streets Ba Trieu, Thai Phien, Bui Thi Xuan and Doan Tran Nghiep. 

This place will surprise you with the diverse goods system and luxurious decoration style as a luxury center in Europe. Besides, quality and service in Vincom Center also meets European standards. Customers will be extremely satisfied when using services here. 

Vincom Center Ba Trieu is one of the biggest commercial center in Hanoi

Like other commercial centers, Vincom Ba Trieu has many areas serving different categories of products such as shopping, furniture, fashion, footwear and so on. Walking a round from the first floor to the fourth floor, you will see many famous brands such as Canon, Apple, S.B.Furniture, Kim full house and other cosmetics, watches, glasses and fashion brands. Prices of products here are certainly not cheap. A good usually costs from several hundred to several million Vietnam dong. 

Entertainment services in Vincom Ba Trieu

Referring to entertainment area, Vincom Ba Trieu is an ideal destination for everyone. You can have chance to experience a range of exciting games for all ages. Game Center includes the world-standard games, which attracts a lot of people from adults to young children. Various choices from more than 100 synthetic games will help you have relaxing moment and reduce pressure from learning or examination. In addition, entertainment services here also help people be more patient and careful. 

Customers can experience a lot of services in Vincom Ba Trieu

On the sixth floor, there is a grand cinema with 10 rooms and 1300 seats. This is the first cinema in Vietnam to reach international standards. 

Eat and drink services 

Vincom Ba Trieu owns a famous chain of restaurants; therefore, you can have chance to taste various kinds of delicious foods when coming here. So, what should you eat when going to one of the biggest commercial centers in Hanoi? 

Actually, you can choose all of your favorite dishes here. If you come here in winter, the favorite hotpot is always the ideal choice for a hungry stomach. Barbecue is also a good choice, suitable for elegant and quiet, luxurious space. Moreover, fast food like Pizza Hut is served by many restaurants. Famous brands such as King BBQ or Thai Express are also available. 

It is not difficult if you want to enjoy Korean foods in Vincom Center. Seoul Garden with typical Korean hot pot dishes will give you and your family a different experience. The ingredients here are extremely fresh. All of them are meticulously crafted. The taste is so unique that many dinners say that they can distinguish Seoul Garden’s baked goods from other restaurants just by tasting. 

Vincom Ba Trieu always leaves positive impression on customers not only by their service quality but also the polite, friendly attitude of staffs here. It is really a shopping and cuisine paradise that each people should try even once.


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