Fansipan cable car

You would like to conquer Fansipan – the roof of Indochina but you don’t have enough time to arrange a trekking tour or your health is not good enough for trekking, don’t worry! Because now you have another way to admire the beauty of Fansipan mountain & conquer it. Fansipan cable car helps you complete this trip.

How to reach Fansipan cable car?

From Hanoi city, you need to go to Sapa town firstly before reach to Fansipan cable car station. There are some means of transportation for you to choose which depends on your wish/budget or your time. The cheapest way is taking a bus. You can take a night bus or day bus. Price for bus ticket is about 250.000VND/way. Or you travel to Sapa by catching a train from Hanoi station. There is only night train. Trains stop at Lao Cai station in the early morning of the next day. Then you have to take a local bus or taxi to Sapa. In case you have high budget, a private car to transfer from Hanoi to Sapa offers you a comfortable trip.

Fansipan cable car

Fansipan cable car station is 3km far from Sapa town center. It is located in Fansipan Legend resort. So, you are absolutely able to walk to the station. Going on foot takes you about 30 minutes. If you have much time, you should try because you have chance to admire the beauty of town in the unique way. Taxi or train, motorbike are also good choices for you to go to Fansipan cable car station. Not expensive, about 5$ for taxi & 10$ if you want to transfer by train.

What you should know when having a Fansipan cable car tour?

With Fansipan cable car, you just need 15 minutes to reach to the peak while it is at least 2 days to trekking. You will be impressed so much because of the scenes from the cabinet. We are sure that these scenes you have never seen before. Sitting on the cable car, feeling as floating in the midst of the sky and admire the breathtaking scenes such as terraced fields of Muong Hoa valley will be an unforgettable experience for any visitor. 

When you are at the last station, to continue the tour, you have to have to climb about 600 ladders. It takes you 20 minutes to reach to the peak & touch the pyramid 3.143m height. 

Reach to the Fansipan peak & touch the pyramid of 3.143 height!

You shouldn’t bring many things with you when taking a Fansipan cable tour. You are not allowed into the cabinet with a heavy stuff. 

But you have to remember to dress warmly & neatly for climbing. Gloves, towels, woolen hats, raincoat are needed. It is cold on the Fansipan peak. Even in winter, snow sometimes falls on Fansipan peak. And you are banned to smoke because it can cause the forest fire. So dangerous not only for you, but also for everyone.

Are you excited to experience this tour? Don’t hesitate to join with us & have a wonderful trip in Sapa with Fansipan cable car. 

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