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In fact, Saigon Square is dubbed the “shopping paradise in the heart of the city”. Because it is hard to find a place in Ho Chi Minh City to shop for beautiful and unique clothes and save money like here.

Address of Saigon Square

Saigon Square was born in 2000, Saigon Square is like “a high-class market” for believers shopping in Saigon. Up to now, Saigon Square has all 2 facilities in District 1 including Saigon Square 1 No. 77-89 in Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street and Saigon Square 3 No. 179E-181-183-185, Hai Ba Trung street (the facility in Ton Duc Thang was closed in 2014).

What does Saigon Square have?

With a large, clean space, this “luxury market” is not inferior to modern shopping centers. The items on sale here are arranged in different areas and kiosks. Thus, it is easy for customers to find and shop in here. In the central area, clothes are often sold, deep inside is the place to sell fashion accessories, shoes, etc.

Saigon Square is like “a high-class market” for believers shopping in Ho Chi Minh city

In Saigon Square, it is easy for customers to buy genuine Vietnamese suits for both of men and women, children and adults. Most sellers here can talk to foreign visitors in English

In addition, in Saigon Square, there are also stalls selling high-quality clothing brands. This is the ideal choice for those who are luxury brand followers but want to buy branded clothes at low prices. Because the items sold here are copied according to the luxury brand design, but the quality is relatively equal and the price is affordable.

The products in Saigon Square are very popular, especially young people. However, there are also many faulty, substandard items were sold and mixed into other items so you need to check carefully when buying!

Saigon Square is dubbed the “shopping paradise in the heart of the city”

The discounted items here are often those that are no longer hot in the market, no longer favored or defective. Many people often buy the number of these items because of their low price.

In addition to the outstanding advantages compared to other markets, Saigon Square still has many drawbacks such as the number of counterfeit goods is still high, causing loss of trust for customers. Besides, many faulty items are mixed and sold with standard goods so buyers need to be smart.

It is true to say that if visitors have not visited Saigon Square, it cannot be considered shopping in Saigon. This is why this shopping area is always crowded with tourists and locals.


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