Teaching English in Vietnam with Ninja Teacher

Vietnam travėl: Teaching English in Vietnam with Ninja Teacher

Toḋay, Ꭵ wᎥll interview Alex from Ninja Teacher to ѕee what the English ƭeaching jobs in Vietnam look lᎥke, how do you get a ƭeaching joƅ in Vietnam, what are the requiremeᥒts (TEFL certificɑte, bachelor’s dėgrėė, ėtc)

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42 Responses to "Teaching English in Vietnam with Ninja Teacher"

  1. @ Ninja teacher, can you give me an advice. How you contact with a recruiter? I am HR from an International school of USA ( in Bien Hoa), many subjects besides the English. But Actually, I face the shortage in source of foreginer teacher in other subjects besides english course. Kindly help me an advice on any forum of Expat who want to be a teacher LONG TERM . By the way, yjis video from What The Pho is so useful!

  2. ý tưởng phỏng vấn người nước ngoài làm việc ở Việt Nam tốt quá, giúp cho bạn bạn nước ngoài đang có ý định về Việt Nam sẽ có thêm động lực. Thank you so much <3

  3. Hi Alex and Van, thanks for the video. I was wondering what job opportunities are like for more experienced teachers? I have a BA, Cambridge CELTA and about 8 years of English language teaching experience. Here, schools can be reluctant to to hire more experienced teachers because they cost more (higher salaries). What's it like in Vietnam? Thanks so much!

  4. I would appreciate if you can help me know what are the chances of getting a job with tefl certificate and masters degree as a not native speaker. Im thinking of starting my teaching life by taking a tefl course but im kind of anxious that not being a native speaker can be a big barrier. Thank you.

  5. I have my TEFL Cert. and look forward to coming to Vietnam. The hardest part is getting out of communist Australia. I have to apply/beg for a pass to leave. How crazy is that?

  6. I would love to see more videos of interviews of locals rather than of expats. Youtube is full of videos of expats in VN so the content just isn't as interesting. Interviews of what 20 something do normally if they weren't teaching English. What is a job at VinGroup like? How about college tours in Hanoi? Interviews of someone that works in a hospital. You should do them in Vietnamese and sub-title in English if needed. I just thing there are way more interesting content than these English teacher type videos. Any expat could have done this video, you speak both Vietnamese and English, you should use that to your advantage.

  7. Great video and very informational! Are there schools there that teach Vietnamese to adult foreigners ? I would love to move there some day and take classes to learn the Vietnamese language in-between relaxing time out at the beach!

  8. I was in Vietnam during the US – Vietnam war in 1969 and 1970. I have been back to Vietnam twice to visit recently, and I was amazed at how fast Vietnam has developed. I tried learning a little Vietnamese before my trip, but I quickly realized that the Vietnamese who have studied English for years in school, were much better at English than I was in Vietnamese. I had difficulty hearing the different tones. Unfortunately, I found that if someone approached me speaking good English, they were often trying to cheat me. If I initiated the contact, the Vietnamese were very helpful and friendly. I love Vietnamese food, but especially loved the different flavors of ice cream that were only available in Vietnam.

  9. Can anyone tell me if my son can teach in Vietnam at 18 years old, with a high school diploma, and a TEFL? We are moving to Vietnam from the U.S. and he was just hoping to get a few hours at a center maybe. Thanks!

  10. Who is the genius that said not to wear your shoes inside because of COVID-19? Asking, because Hyssop and feet washing even works on toxins. Especially! things that the governments have used.

  11. @What The Pho Would you consider doing a video about studying in Vietnam as an international student (not exchange student) and some pros and cons? Talking to my Vietnamese friends they all discourage this choice, they say “I know Vietnam won’t let you down, but think carefully” I know there are many places in the world where education ranks better, but I get discouraged by those statements cause I’d love to give Vietnam an opportunity, would you consider sharing with us your thoughts about that?

  12. Thanks for your great effort to help others know about teaching English in Vietnam.I am English teacher from Syria. I have a degree and a diploma of education with 24 years experience in teaching. Is it possible to work and settle in Vietnam? Now I am working in Saudi Arabia.

  13. Aie. In the Philippines they also just whack the chicken pieces with a cleaver, leaving bone chips. It seems odd when you can separate joints and not worry about bone chips when you're eating. They also eat a lot of fish, so maybe people just get used to watching for bones while eating.

  14. I remember in the past, before 75’s, of observing people from the central region ate their noodle, ie mì quảng, they always had together with the rice cracker. Da Nang mi quang isn’t the same?


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