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Ben Thanh Market is one of the oldest symbols of Ho Chi Minh City. As a vital thing, anyone who comes to this city will stop by Ben Thanh Market to find their favorite items for their loved ones. You may not have enough time to visit Ben Thanh Market during the day, but it’s okay you can see a bustling Ben Thanh market at night.

About Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market / Source: Vietnam-guide

Ben Thanh Market has been around for a long time before the French captured Gia Dinh. At first, the location of the market is on the bank of Ben Nghe river, next to Gia Dinh citadel. It is called the Ben Thanh market by the surrounding people and visitors. By 1911, the French colonial government decided to move the market to its present location. Ben Thanh Market started construction in 1912. In March 1914, it is completed and operated continuously until today.

Ben Thanh Night Market is located right in the center of District 1, on four streets Phan Chu Trinh, Phan Boi Chau, Luu Van Lang, and Nguyen An Ninh. From 7 pm, the shops inside the primary market closed, giving way to the appearance of Ben Thanh Night Market. Night market stalls began to be sold and visited at 8 pm.

What does Ben Thanh night market have?

Ben Thanh night market / Source:  Vietnamnet

Visitors to Ben Thanh night market are often lovers of the unique culture of Ho Chi Minh City as well as looking to buy for themselves and their families souvenir items. In addition, Ben Thanh night market also welcomed a large number of young people who came here to entertain after a day of studying and working tirelessly.

Besides, there are beautiful salesmen here. They dress very fashionable and are fluent in foreign languages so don’t worry about the language barrier. When entering the market and weaving among tourists, you can hear offers in English, French, Japanese, Thai, etc., stirring like a colorful chord.

Commodities here are very diverse, with all kinds of goods from exports, processed goods to high-end products. The food here is of standard quality, exotic fruits, fresh seafood, etc.

Ben Thanh market at night also has many handicraft items such as embroidery, lacquer paintings, oil paintings, rosewood or ceramics. These works are genuinely artistic masterpieces designed through the skillful hands of Vietnamese artists.

What food dish does Ben Thanh Night Market have?

Delicious food in Ben Thanh night market / Source: Kimtravel

The culinary area of Ben Thanh night market is also a unique feature that attracts many domestic and foreign guests to visit because of the typical folk flavors of many areas such as Hanoi noodle soup, Hue beef noodle, Quang noodles, Phnom-Penh clear rice noodle soup with quite affordable prices.

Ben Thanh night market is also delighted by diners because of the barbecue here. From simple barbecue dishes such as chops, chicken, and corn to dishes like grilled beef in lolot leaf and baked rolls, all make it difficult for many tourists to skip these delicious dishes.


I have introduced to you the typical features of Ben Thanh night market. I hope this article has brought much useful information for you. Thanks for reading. Have a nice trip.


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