Anthony Bourdain’s recommended Lunch Lɑdy, visit China town in Saigon, and eat broken rice

Vietnam trɑvel: Anthony Bourdain’s recommended Lunch Lɑdy, visit China town in Saigon, and eat broken rice

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T᧐day, I wiƖƖ take you to visit the Lunch Lɑdy that Anthony Bourdain recommended in 2009. i’m gonna Bánh Canh Cua, which is the Vietnamese tapioca crab noodle soup. Also, I wiƖƖ discover China Town in Ho Chi Minh city and eat broken rice in Ben Thanh Mɑrket.

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49 Responses to "Anthony Bourdain’s recommended Lunch Lɑdy, visit China town in Saigon, and eat broken rice"

  1. We visited Vietnam in 2019 and just planned a return trip for Tet. Your videos are very informative and helpful for planning the next adventure.

  2. Wonderful video… thanks. I ate at The Lunch Lady today! Arrived just before opening time of 10:00 so was her first customer and added bonus, it was Saturday so had the dish you had the first half of the video … what an incredible neighborhood, too, with some many local street food places.

  3. 1. You're brave to wear a white shirt when you eat that. I can never keep mine clean.
    2. Even if they do provide napkins, they're usually so thin and wimpy, as they are in Thailand. Great idea taking wet wipes.

  4. Vietnam looks so exciting! I've taught English in a few countries already. I'm considering Vietnam, but I just don't want to drive a motorbike; they scare me. I know that Hanoi has a metro now. Does it cover a good portion of the city? Is it possible to have a life there without being on a motorbike?

    Nice channel, by the way.

  5. The food is not delicious to see the baby eat it, it is also delicious, the baby introduces Vietnamese cuisine very suitable, both in terms of style, personality, and appearance, great

  6. I loved Bourdain for his shows. I followed his advices but was disappointed. I found it best to follow local Vietnamese redidents who has intimate knowledge of the local cuisine…

  7. Pinnacle Credit Repair · Edit

    All the places you go to are just crematorous places they're not really authentic and they're not really places with true predatory I have a Google maps list that has way better places than like 99% of all the places that recommend it I guarantee E my list is way better another thing is that you won't be able to find these places without a Google pin they don't have a Google map location for these specific street food places I don't even have a sign

  8. Hi Van, we’re planning to visit Vietnam in October, could you give us the address for the Lunch Lady restaurant please? Definitely will try the food 😊 I enjoy all your videos ❤️ from Canada

  9. Nguoi Tau o Cho lon ho rat la giau. Nam 2018 toi co ve ben do va co nghe mot nguoi ban ma chuyen mon giao hang cho nguoi tau o cho lon noi rang la cu vai nam la ho lai mua mot can nha khac de dau tu ma nha o tren Sai Gon chu dau co nhu nha cho minh o quan 9, Thu Duc.


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