Vietnamese Reacts to “Nail Salon” by Anjelah Johnson

Vietnam tɾavel: Vietnamese Reacts to “Nail Salon” by Anjelah Johnson

Today I wiƖƖ react to Anjelah Johnson “Nail Salon” video.

Cảm ơn bạn Thuỳ Trang và Thu Hà đã dịch video này nhé!

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40 Responses to "Vietnamese Reacts to “Nail Salon” by Anjelah Johnson"

  1. Angie's Doing Trucking & Things · Edit

    I wonder why they are in Black neighborhoods, when we can't get loans to open our own salons. I love Vietnamese people and Japanese, unlike Chinese, they are all very kind, but Japanese seem to mimic a stereotypical person who has been forced to live in poverty and is afraid to get out of it.

  2. yeah they can show they are friendly with you but when they dont like whT you say they start talking about you in Vietnamese. 😬and that is very rude.

  3. I am a chronic oversharer and now I understand why I have so many South East Asian friends. 😀 We all knew each other's life stories within about 5 minutes haha.

  4. Love… love…Love my experience with vietnamese pedicures, gel, hot paraffin wax, and volcano moisturizering collagen treatment. I go to a spa that an Auntie, nephew, and sister run together. Thoroughly appreciate the sister's artistry talent at nail art. I challenge her talent a little more each time, first time she reached for stickers to put on my toes…. I said no…no…I believe in your talent and to this day every picture I bring in she replicates it spot on. The family makes me feel like family when I visit. Cannot wait tell them we are going to Vietnam for our 20th wedding anniversary. I love the personalities of people from 🇻🇳

  5. I remember being in Sapa on a trip with a friend. The locals were absolutely horrified that at 39, I wasn't married nor did I have children…… when I explained that I thought both were a curse, you'd think I made them drink cyanide!

  6. I watched the original stand-up comedy clip for the first time in years, and I was worried it had aged poorly. This video helped relieve some of my concerns while also educating me about Vietnamese culture.

  7. 🦎 ℝ𝕖𝕡𝕥𝕚𝕝𝕖𝕤𝔾𝕖𝕟𝕚𝕒𝕝𝕖𝕤🐍 · Edit

    I’m pretty sure that you missed the end of it….
    Here is the FULL VIDEO——->
    You will thank me later!!!

  8. I can't believe it was 14 years ago. I remember Me and My Wife we're SO MAD when our Daughter showed us this. "NO MARIAH IF THAT WAS ABOUT MEXICANS WE WOULDN'T BE HAPPY RIGHT? OKAY DON'T BE LOOKING AT THAT STUFF"

  9. I worked with many people from Vietnam Nam during my career with a municipal government (city) and they were all such lovely, nice and sweet people. They are a wonderful addition to our country.

  10. It was great to have a Vietnamese review a satire of her fellow Vietnamese, in a world that is so P.C. today. Her comments were on point and sweet.

  11. It's nice to enjoy our differences and cultures through the lens of comedy. I'm Mexican American and believe you me, my people do and say some funny stuff. Under the heavens we are but one family, but it just so happens that we look a little different and come from different cultural backgrounds. Great review!

  12. WAIT….YOU are SUPPOSED to be MASSIVELY OFFENDED and be calling for Anjela Johnson TO BE CANCELLED and BANNED from any and all comedy clubs and TV programming! What is WRONG WITH YOU?


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