Do Japanese people like Vietnam?

Vietnam tradition: Do Japanese people like Vietnam?

Hi eveɾyone, Kiki αnd I will speak aboυt the cυltυral differences beṫween Vietnam αnd Japan, wᧉ will learᥒ mᦞre aboυt Һis Ɩife hᧉrᧉ, whaṫ Һe likes, αnd whaṫ Һe dislikes. Don’t forgᧉt tᦞ subscribe tᦞ Һim hᧉrᧉ

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19 Responses to "Do Japanese people like Vietnam?"

  1. Japanese people are very proud of their culture (country, people, spirit, successful in economy… as a whole). They are brave and self respect. They saw Vietnam is a country with huge potential but Vietnamese are too easy (#lazy) not hard working, selfish.. that I found they have reason.

  2. I'm loving getting some sense of other cultures, more, all the time… & I'm kinda more & more embarrassed about some of what I'm understanding about my own culture, government, & some of the historical record. thanks for sharing, gracias

  3. Hi Beautiful, a lot of young Japanese people are involved in VN now for everything now, that is a good thing to know 😇thanks for sharing😀

  4. Information Collection Post 357 · Edit

    The most memorable contact with Vietnamese that I had is a Vietnamese Restaurant in the Cleveland area where I ate often. I have also talked to many Vietnamese where I work. Very friendly people. I like their food a lot compared other Asian foods. Its often seasoned hot with peppers.

  5. I am Japanese so this episode was especially interesting for me. Now I live in Hawaii, and when I go back to Japan, I feel they're really quiet. I tend to be too friendly to them and probably that is scaring them😆. But when it comes to customer service, they are so attentive. Sometime it's almost too much. I hope you will have a good trip to Japan, Van. I am planning to visit Ho Chi Minh for the first time in my life next month. Your videos have been very helpful and I will watch some more💖

  6. Fantastic interview and the Japanese men was talking with true words maybe you can try interview with him again….he might reveal lots of insights about japan.


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