ILLEGAL Things in Vietnam but Okay around the World

Vietnam tradition: ILLEGAL Things in Vietnam but Okay around the World

Sᦞme things are okay around the woɾld but illegαl in Vietnam. Ṡo I’ve made videos Ꮟefore ᦞn things yoυ can’t dᦞ in Vietnam becαuse of laws or unknᦞwn laws thαt may gᧉt yoυ arrested. Disclaimer: I’m noṫ providing lᧉgal aⅾvice, everythiᥒg was Ꮟased on mү owᥒ researcҺ.

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23 Responses to "ILLEGAL Things in Vietnam but Okay around the World"

  1. Some medications are illegal, which are legal in other countries; for example, I have ADHD and the stimulant medication I take to treat it is prescribed by my doctor in the UK, but when I come over to Vietnam in two weeks, I have to leave it behind because its not legal.

  2. You think the AK was heavy! I am a professional shooter in the USA. I’ve won 28 championships in uspsa, IPSC, & SCSA. I believe firearms are a fundamental right to have a free people. I was thought by my father to shoot when I was 4 years old. I have to learn a lot before I was allowed to shoot. I still would love to visit Vietnam one day.

  3. IAA is a private organisation their "driving licenses" is basicly invalid everywhere. The German Embassy in Vietnam says that our state issued international driving licence (vienna and geneva convention) is valid and accepted in Vietnam. Vietnam is just stricter distincting two-wheeled- and four-wheeled vehicles: While a lot of countries include 50cc-scooters in car-licenses vietnam does not.

  4. Wow that young girl field stripped and assembled that rifle so fast….just amazing! Those laws seem quite reasonable to me. As world travelers we need to be respectful of other countries. Its just common sense. Really enjoy your style in putting these videos together Van. ☺️👍

  5. In America, we have the right to bear arms for one reason. Not to defend our homes from crime etc… but for the moment when the government is run by tyranny. An oppressive government would be the reason. Many don't like that idea but doesn't change the reason why we have the 2nd Amendment in the first place. America just finished a bloody war with the English and this was foremost on their minds when writing the Bill of Rights.

  6. My cute cute girl 🌹 very like your videos 🥰 im driving at motorbike in Saigon without licence , only i have copy of driving licence, every money i had in hidden place except 200.000 VND 🙂🙂🙂i rent motorbike(in year 2013-14) near to corner Bui Vien, im happy to their service. Recommend to all, if they still have open. I like driving there 🇸🇰🇻🇳.

  7. I think everyone having access to guns is not a good thing but it's in the US constitution. I think Vietnam where people don't have access to guns is a better society. Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

  8. It’s funny when alcohol is legal to use in Vietnam and you gonna go to jail if you smoke weed. If a group of people drinking together, 3 hours later they all get up and fighting like crazy while a group of people smoking weed together after 3 hours they all feel hungry, then eat, chill and relax.

  9. I'm a long time firearms enthusiast and happy to have that right as a US citizen. I think it's great that students in Vietnam are exposed to a firearm in a controlled, educational environment. I'm betting they not only learn the basics of maintaining the AK but also some form of firearms safety. That's something that's lacking here in the US (IMHO anyway), sadly a lot kids get their first experience with a firearm through a video game vs. sitting down with an instructor and learning via hands-on. Some schools used to teach firearms related skills, but that's pretty limited nowadays. I've taken a lot of first time shooters out to the range & and can always tell when when someone's received their "knowledge" from a game or movie. Thinking education would go a long way to help many of the issues we're experiencing in the US today.

  10. USA gun laws are rubbish, a law written when you could only fire one bullet at a time. And there was no such thing as automatic weapons. Here in Australia we have many deadly animals that rarely kill people but we don’t have ar15’s

  11. I think a distinction has to be drawn on what it written in law and what is enforced. They are often very far apart indeed and even vary from city to city/province to province. HCMC is very relaxed indeed as a rule but certain districts are known to be stricter than others.

  12. On the driver's licence front. Although the official price is very modest, the reality is that many more 'side fees' must be paid. The 'in practice' cost of getting a VN driver's licence for a foreigner is gonna run you about 2 million dong (around 80 dollars or so). It is (on paper) possible to get it done officially for the very low price but it can take many months of repeated visits/documents and standing in line. Best go through a local 'agent' who understands the system and can get it done for you in a about a week or so with just one or two visits.

  13. The weed section is technically true but in practice not true. In large parts of HCMC such as District 10 or other large student areas it is commonplace to see open weed smoking and this can be smelled quite casually on the streets of district 1,2,3,5 in many a coffee shop and bar:)))

  14. Who the hell wants buy something that you can’t own? 🤔 so it’s my money, I buy property, and the government owns it? What an awesome idea!


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