Dating and marriage in Vietnam ft Phuc Map

Vietnam travėl: Dating and marriage in Vietnam ft Phuc Map

In todɑy’s video, we wᎥll answer qսestions aboսt ḋating and marriage in Vietnam like what yoս shoսld not do on the fᎥrst date, cսltսre shocks whilė ḋating and getting married to a Vietnamese womaᥒ, eƭc. Thanƙ you anh Phuc Map for ϲollaborating. Check oսt his channel Һere

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Hėy, I’m Van Vu from Vietnam! I’m gonna sh᧐w you a BUN CHA gooḋ fooḋ besᎥdes PHO (Hope you likė the puns :)) I lo∨e sharing Vietnamese Ɩuxury hoteƖs, unᎥque fooḋ, and espeϲially our cսltսre. I strongly bėliėvė that the worƖd wiƖƖ be a beƭƭer plɑce if wė know eacҺ otҺer’s cսltսre. Learᥒ moɾe about me Һere:

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48 Responses to "Dating and marriage in Vietnam ft Phuc Map"

  1. Can’t really take advice from a foreigner who couldn’t get the time of day from a female outside of Vietnam. Sorry. You should have interviewed someone handsome who is married to a Vietnamese

  2. But Vietnam people should not forget what Americans did in the past. Just because the history seems to repeat again. Now in Europe everyone is blaming Putin but nothing to USA, the comedian zelenzki who is forcing men to fight while he is having fun. Europeans are sanctioning Russians but they are crying because of gas.

  3. Pho, you look 😋 as always in all your videos. Frankly, food and culture are both POOR substitutes for yin and yang. 💕 That is if you ever change your mind. I am only eight hours away by Vietnam Air 🇻🇳.

  4. Sorry, Vietnamese women? Phuc Dat. Too controlling. Indeed, the woman does keep the money in a way that is very selfish and I am not ok with that. Also, they can be hoarders.

  5. It’ll be great to marry women in foreign countries and remain on their home country but to bring them to your developed country is a risk. Myself and 3 of my viet friends all got divorced. In my case as soon as the mother in law immigrated here to the states she controlled both her daughters to her favor and advantage. Long story but same ending for me and my friends.

  6. Id date someone like you 🙂, and kudos to the other guy cuz we need more people like him..i honestly like different languages and if i got myself a gf that speak a different language i would like to learn it

  7. Let the man control 10% of his earnings so he can use it for surprise gift to wife…… I'm single I control 100% to surprise gift to self. Happy life is happy life.

  8. this is why off the bat, I try to establish the fact that I am single and I am not looking for anything to serious. marriage is for some while its not for others

  9. This is quite funny. Asians and in particular Asian men in American don't even get the same treatment as this white guy does in Vietnam. Promoting WMAF. HAHA

  10. I am Vietnamese and this guy’s viet is much better than mine!!

    I think these cultures and stuff are weird!! I will never marry a girl from Vietnam!

  11. Having moved to Vietnam from the USA, my wife and I have been adopted by a wonderful family and many very close friends. We've been coming to Vietnam for five years and spent one and a half years here during the covid19 lockdown before deciding to sell everything in the USA and moved to Vietnam. We are slowly picking up phases and learning many customs. It not easy for us being elderly but we're trying.
    Vietnam is a fabulous country with amazingly friendly people and a rich history. But I was always told by my father "if you're not learning your wasting your life. So my wife and I are still learning and really appreciate our great new life in Vietnam. We feel truly fortunate and blessed to live this wonderful life in this great country! THANK YOU for having us Vietnam! Sam and Margaret Adler

  12. Tao Dan park beautiful? It's very dirty and rat infested and traffic is allowed to drive through it, awful compared to most other city parks, the dirty streets spoil such a beautiful country and people


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