Shocking Ethnic Culture in Vietnam | Love Market in Moc Chau

Vietnam culture: Shocking Ethnic Culture in Vietnam | Love Market in Moc Chau

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Have you heard of a bride kidnapping and exes getting back together in the northern part of Vietnam?
Moc Chau love market was established during the independence day of Vietnam on September 2nd. On this occasion, all Hmong people regardless of age, gender, and status, gather downtown to celebrate this big event. Girls dress nicely in traditional clothes, wearing beautiful jewelry, and often go with groups, men play khèn, which is a traditional instrument in Vietnam to attract girls. People come here not only to enjoy the festival but also to meet and fall in love here. For people who couldn’t be together for many reasons, It’s also a time for them to meet each other again. However, I’ve asked some locals, who said this is inappropriate now because it’s considered cheating. Let’s explore more!

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42 Responses to "Shocking Ethnic Culture in Vietnam | Love Market in Moc Chau"

  1. This bride stealing thing is almost the same as in Romania(East Europe). Bride is stolen here during the wedding(and she comes back of course). But the tradition was abit different before(more similar to Vietnam it seems).

  2. Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money. When it comes to the world of investing,most people don't know where to start.fortunately,great investors of the past and present can provide us with guidance

  3. Although I am Vietnamese and I know about this old tradition and other contents relating to Vietnamese culture, I really enjoy watching this kind of video in English and, moreover, they are created by chị Vân😅❤❤

  4. Hi Vân,

    Youtube Clips về văn hóa, dân tộc Việt nam có rất nhiều trên mạng.

    nếu giới hạn ở đề tài này thì quá uổng với khả năng của Vân.

    Vân có thể mởi rộng đề tài và làm clips giới thiệu về Ngành IT của Việt nam. ? có nhiều Công ty Âu Mỹ tìm nước có tìm năng IT để họ Outsourcing những phần Software programming.

    Việt nam có một tìm năng này. Nhân lực đông, lương thấp và có trình độ không thua kém gì Paskistan hay là Phillipin v.v.. Chỉ thiếu trình độ tiếng anh.

    Vấn đề là là các Cty ở Âu Mỹ không hề biết VN cũng có một ngành IT trẻ, năng động và lương thấp.

    Đi tìm hiểu về phương hương này sẽ đề tài được phong phú thêm

  5. Great video Van Vu!!! I appreciate you delving into a seemingly outdated practice to get to the roots of the tradition! Also, you look so beautiful in those Hmong clothes! 😍

  6. A great adventure video, remembering my time in the Sapa region and the border with China.
    The beautiful indigenous people are very shy and uncomfortable with their pictures being taken. I love that place and I could live out my life there.
    Thank you for sharing your pictures.

  7. I remember we also got this tradition somewhere in China for a particular ethnics. I'm surprised by the "sold to China" scenario. If it's true, I feel very sorry for that. I'm Chinese and I met two excellent Vietnamese students here in Shanghai. They are from decent family and got scholarship, richer than me.. That's my only impression to Vietnamese.

  8. I watched a documentary about their tribe. That documentary stated that it's not actually kidnapping. The girl resist to show how much they don't want to leave the family.

  9. Hi Van Vu – Interesting upload – Yeah the Electronic Age has more or less eradicated old Tradition – Wife Stealing – kind of forced slavery, or not?? – Anyway an Interesting way of Family making. — Van Vu – I had to correct some of the Text in my comment, therefore this new one –.–

  10. Van you look absolutely stunning in that Hmong tradition dress. I would love to go here and see if anyone wants to kidnap me cause my dad thinks I'm too western and no one from Vietnam would want me 🥺


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