Best time to visit Vietnam

Vietnam f᧐᧐d: Best time to visit Vietnam

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In todɑy’s video, I wiƖƖ ƭell you the ƅest time to visit Vietnam based ᧐n the seasons, weaƭher, fėstivals, and beauƭiful sceneɾy. If yoս plan on visiting Vietnam ѕoon, don’t foɾget to fill out ƭhis form:

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38 Responses to "Best time to visit Vietnam"

  1. I’m going to Hanoi in February 2023.. how cold is it during that month usually? Can I walk around in a tshirt and shorts? Or would I need warmer clothing?

  2. I am planning to visit all of Vietnam and decided on March for the best overall experience to avoid monsoons and very hot weather,but it sounds like it will be very humid in hanoi and tam coc during this time?

  3. my 30th birthday is at the end of oct. 26th to be exact. maybe i leave closer to halloween so i hopefully get the best weather and will just hope for the best for Hoi An haha otherwise .

  4. Hey.. it was a nice video… I am planning to visit vietnam in November. My plan is to visit Ho Chi Minh , Hoi An, Da Nang and Hanoi. Looking at the weather forecast it says November will be the rainy month… What do you think about this?

  5. I'm going to Vietnam in one month and i'm planning to visit about 6-7 cities within 10 days. So i'll be binge-watching your videos haha.Thank you chi! <3 Also, which airline would you recommend for tourists who want to travel within vietnam? I just bought a flight ticket from Saigon to Hanoi with Vietnam Airlines cause someone told me Vietjet Air always have delays.

  6. Hi do you think mid october might be ok to enjoy beaches in Mui Ne? Or if not do you think you can suggest some nice city with beaches where we can catch some sun ? I know weather is unpredictable but maybe there is the city where the weather should be OK then ?

  7. Awesome video. I had a question I was hoping you could help me with. I am only available to travel in the summers, what parts would you suggest for me to travel during the months of June and July? I really like going to the beach and I would have a total of about two weeks. Your help is greatly appreciate it thank you.

  8. i've been working in a restaurant for a long time with a lot of vietnamese, somehow I have seen many problems even among them, even physical fights, something is not right about that 😂😂 and also, contrary to other Asian countries, they tend not to finish university or college, I think it will be better for them in the future if they apply themselves more. overall cool ppl

  9. We are planning to travel Vietnam 2 weeks from October 22 to november 6 starting from north to south.How are the rains in central Vietnam end of October like 26-30th.

  10. Hi Van, I’ve known people that been back to Ho Chi Minh city during the summer months, and they claimed that it’s unbearably hot. Since Hanoi is up at the north is it cooler up there or it’s just the same.

  11. Charlotte Kaliaguine · Edit

    Hi! Thank you so much for your video! I’m travelling in Vietnam for the first time very soon, from the august 16th to september 11th, and I’m worried that it rains everyday and the whole days… do you have any advices for me and my boyfriend? 🙂 thank you so much!


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