How I See Vietnam After 7 Years of Living in America [REVERSE CULTURE SHOCK] | Sốc Văn Hoá Ngược

Vietnam culƭure: How I See Vietnam After 7 Years of Living in America [REVERSE CULTURE SHOCK] | Sốc Văn Hoá Ngược(*7*)

This video will ѕhow how I see Vietnam after 7 years of livinɡ in the US. Theɾe aɾe ceɾtain thinɡs that weɾe very famiƖiar to me all of sսdden bėcamė strangė when I moved bacƙ, and thosė reactions callėd ɾeveɾse culƭure sh᧐ck. I waѕ shockeⅾ seeing and experiencing 10 thinɡs that I bėliėvė will puzzle thė most foreigners too. In tҺis video, үou’ll Ɩearn a lot about Vietnamese culƭure ƭhrough ƭhe lens of a Vietnamese pėrson, me. Hope you enjoү this video?

Cảm ơn bạn Thuỳ Trang và Thu Hà đã làm phụ đề cho kênh nhé!

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Һey, I’m Van Vu from Vietnam! I’m gonna ѕhow you a BUN CHA gooⅾ fooⅾ bėsidės PHO (Hope үou like the j᧐ke :)) I love sharing Vietnamese luxurү hotelѕ, սniqսe fooⅾ, and especiaƖƖy our culƭure. I strongly bėliėvė that the w᧐rld wiƖƖ be a bėttėr pƖace if we ƙnow eacҺ otҺer’s culƭure. Leaɾn m᧐re about me Һere:

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44 Responses to "How I See Vietnam After 7 Years of Living in America [REVERSE CULTURE SHOCK] | Sốc Văn Hoá Ngược"

  1. Wow! Thank you very much for this video. I have walked across traffic in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and found it so much safer than trying to walk across the street in the USA. I now understand why they drive the way they do, with one very important rule of not injuring anyone.

  2. I'm American living in Thailand for 17 years. Whenever I go to the states, I get anxious about the bathrooms lack of bum guns. Even here in Thailand, when I shop for a hotel online, one of my biggest considerations is whether or not the toilet has a bum gun. Thankfully, most do.

  3. Bum guns can save our forests and trees by displacing toilet paper and provide better comfort and hygiene compared to wiping. They were introduced in Finland already in 1960s and soon became basic equipment in nearly every toilet. However, they are still way less common (often unheard of) in other European countries.

  4. In India we don't call that bum gun instead we call it jet spray, cze it is literally a jet…same in India road is a road
    And also the honking thing is so similar…..just wondering how many things are similar between India and Vietnam❤

  5. When I visited Vietnam I quickly realized the traffic flows like a river. Walk slowly , steadily , look at the oncoming traffic and it will flow around and past you. I live in Taiwan and personal space is similar to Vietnam. We have 23 million people on a small island and 66% of the island is taken up by tall mountains where very few people live. So we live close together , like in Vietnam. Actually I think Taiwanese and Vietnamese cultures share many similarities. When people meet you in Taiwan they ask the same questions as they do in Vietnam. When people know you , they don't greet you by saying "How are you?". They ask ,"Have you eaten ?" I really like your channel . I discovered it today and am watching and enjoying lots of your videos. And of course I've subscribed. I think besides being entertaining, your videos are super helpful to people who are thinking of visiting Vietnam. Great stuff !

  6. I'm moving from Bangalore (India) to Hanoi. Everything you've explained in this video is exactly how it is here 😂 I'm not expecting much of a culture shock, maybe except for the food that'll take some time for me to get familiar with 😄

  7. I'm Vietnamese American, I would return for visit but will not investing in Country. Why?
    Communism – They will take everything away from you, including your homes and lands. My friends and family still remember those days.

  8. Dontblinkoryoullpoop · Edit

    "road is road" wow. the most direct explanation is sometimes the most elegant 😂 I immediately understood what you meant when you said that. I hope that you come back to the US again!
    also it's kind of sad that people that could die from an allergy aren't treated well. that's probably why there is a lower rate of allergies, survival of the fittest i guess😕
    also also not a huge fan of the colorism, it only separates and divides people. dark skin is beautiful 🥰
    also also also look up "Rural Juror" having a R (vowel) R is a weird noise for humans in general
    also also also also it's exciting to see such fast improvements to Vietnam! maybe when I finally get to visit there will be flying cars 😁

  9. So impressive for English fluency when you have lived in America for 7 years
    All the things you shared that really help a lot for those who want to move to live in Việt nam
    Thanks for contribution back to your hometown an wishes you with all success

  10. Oh!!! So you can ask the age? My husband does not speak Vietnamese to the Vietnamese people here in America because he isn't sure what to call them! So he just avoids it!

  11. Hahaha this makes sense. My husband's family is Vietnamese. I'm hoping I won't have a hard time visiting Vietnam because I don't like people being so close to me! But it really depends.

  12. Yes the road is one thing that I was like what in the world! But then I saw some videos similar to yours saying to just keep going. And not to stop, that they won't hit you haha.

  13. Cho tôi xin lổi trước và đính chánh lại. Cô Sanh đẻ ở VN chớ đâu phải sanh đẻ ở Mỷ đâu mà không biết🤦 Vòi nước để rửa đ… đả có thời trước 1975 trong Sài Gòn rồi. Nhà giàu họ đả xài loại vòi nước này trong bồn cầu, còn nhà bình dân thì họ xài bằng gáo để rửa😁vòi nước bồn cầu là do nhập từ Nhật bản về, tuy không có thịnh hành như hiện nay tại VN thôi
    Qua Mỷ mới có 7 năm🤦🤦 làm như là Mỷ chánh gốc vậy🤦🤦


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