Must Try Desserts in Ha Noi | Feature Corrin @platesofhanoi

Vietnam food: Must Try Desserts in Ha Noi | Feature Corrin @platesofhanoi

Today, Corrin and i will trү different desserts in Tay Ho district, Hanoi. Do үou love desserts?

TҺank you Corrin for joininɡ us todɑy!
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Cảm ơn bạn Trang đã giúp mình dịch video này nhé! 🥰

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27 Responses to "Must Try Desserts in Ha Noi | Feature Corrin @platesofhanoi"

  1. Omg! Finally! I never new what those little round balls of sweetness were called! This lady used to sell them on the street……in Hanoi!

    She'd wait outside my hotel room for me to come out. Every single day! They are so, so good!

  2. Oh. Nice Video… Pity me, unfortunately I am Diabetic and I hurt through this one because I very much miss eating sweet treats. 🥲I envy you guys… 😪

  3. Hey Van. I'm gonna visit Hanoi in July. Can you suggest a couple of good restaurants and places to visit? It is not that easy to find them in tourist guides because there are many. I just need some addresses. Thanx.

  4. 2 dragon statues in Ho Tay Lake are so ugly in my eyes, they block the magnificent view of the lake.
    The gentle ripple water view would be better without any bad artificial blocking.
    Hanoi town planners may copy the bad idea of the Singaporean Lion statue which is equally ugly.
    I love Hanoi anyway.

  5. hey nice partner to hang out, all the dessert looks good and the pork one was a big surprise its a weird dessert but good one. i think both of you should go to a buddhist theravada temple i want to see, i saw many beautiful buddhist temples in thailand but i dont know how they look in Vietnam.

  6. Please explain how much it cost and how to prounce the name of each desert!!! Looks soo9 good !! I am very hungry to try your desert,sweet and confectionary yummy 😋

  7. I love Hanoi so much! It reminded me to the first time when I was 6. My lost DOG was found in the dog meat market I was crying and a butcher woman gave me some THIT CAY . I never forget the moment. It is a piece of my soul! MANY THANK TO MY ANCESTOR

  8. Great collab!! I see here videos on tiktok all the time! Just found your channel the other day. Congratulations on the quality and consistency 😊

  9. Many You tubers do food review already so you might want to consider presenting ordinary life activities to attract nostalgic Viet Kieu and curious foreigners : grocery shopping, hair service, karaoke bar, art gallery, bookstore, etc…


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