Vietnamese Reacts to Sea Games 2022 Vietnam vs Thailand Male Football Finale

Vietnam travel: Vietnamese Reacts to Sea Games 2022 Vietnam vs Thailand Male Football Finale

This is the first time I have watched the Sea Game football finale between Vietnam and Thailand. So proud of Vietnam today!

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28 Responses to "Vietnamese Reacts to Sea Games 2022 Vietnam vs Thailand Male Football Finale"

  1. Vietnam is a soccer country in Southeast Asia. Yes, because Vietnamese people can only play football. like volley fan, batminton and other sports don't shine at all. yes vietnamese people may be born just for football and that's it.

  2. u r so gorgeous , welcome to China show chinese food to the world. there r many korean vloggers visit vietnam and show vietanmes food on Youtube, but absolutly u r better than them. Pls visit other asian countries to show asian food on Youtube.

  3. Hello Van! I just found your YouTube channel and saw some of your videos. I am amazed by your country and your history. I love your lifestyle and you have such a sympathic and energic way. An amazing smile as well. Just by looking on your videos made me happy. I'm definitely wanna go visit your country. I'm very impressed by you.Iam Dennis from Sweden and wanted to tell you all this that you seem to be an amazing person and lovely. Maybe you think I'm crazy but you just motived me so much to write you all this as it made me so happy seeing you and your videos. I also wonder if you ever considered visiting any Nordic country? As I said I am from Sweden and here we have mythologic, great history containing vikings and more. Nice architectures and a beautiful land with lots of different enviorments. Did you also know we have many Asian immigrants here from Thailand, China and even Vietnam and they have open their own stores right here. Greetings from Sweden and you are very welcome here!


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