5 Must Try Vietnamese-French Dishes | 5 Món Ăn Việt Lai Pháp Mà Bạn Nên Thử

Vietnam food: 5 Must Try Vietnamese-French Dishes | 5 Món Ăn Việt Lai Pháp Mà Bạn Nên Thử

In this video, Will and I are going to try 5 Vietnamese dishes that are influenced by the French. You will learn so much about Vietnamese Pho, egg coffee, snail noodle soup, and other delicious food.

Cảm ơn bạn Trang xinh đẹp đã dịch video này cho các bạn trẻ học tiếng anh 💕

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Hey, I’m Van Vu from Vietnam! I’m gonna show you a BUN CHA good food besides PHO (Hope you like the joke :)) I love sharing Vietnamese luxury hotels, unique food, and especially our culture. I strongly believe that the world will be a better place if we know each other’s culture. Learn more about me here:

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40 Responses to "5 Must Try Vietnamese-French Dishes | 5 Món Ăn Việt Lai Pháp Mà Bạn Nên Thử"

  1. Hi! Van. Will definitely try the Vietnamese French dishes shared in your travelogue here. Thank You for sharing this interesting food video.

  2. Everyone know Vietnamese ate Pho and Bun Oc long time before French came to Vietnam. French had no influence on Pho or Bun Oc whatsoever. Post something like these on you tube are plain stupidity. What a shame

  3. Flan is mainly from Spain. It originated in Ancient Rome and eventually became a Spanish dessert. It also spread to other countries in Europe, but definitely big in Spain and Latin American Countries.

  4. Hi, Van Vu…; I really ( enjoyed ) this video with a French and Vietnamese twist on food… I learned a lot and ( love ) to learn new things, including Vietnamese food… I speak a little French, and I speak a little Vietnamese…, so this video was a little more ( fun ) for me… * All three languages were in this video (e.g., American English, French and Vietnamese.) The ( rainy season ) in Vietnam gave the video another taste of adventure to the video… I have Vietnamese and French ( cookbooks ), and I looked up each dish and learned a little more about French and Vietnamese food dishes… * Anthony Bourdain would be proud and proud of your video… Excellent video and very informative, and thank you for sharing the video… * I am always ( learning more ) on your YouTube Channel and am very ( happy ) that I "Subscribed" to your Channel… * Once more…, you are bright, intelligent and attractive, and an ( excellent teacher ) of Vietnamese culture and customs… Mike in Montana 🙂

  5. I think Van Vu is one of the prettiest Youtubers out thete. Her beauty seems simple at first, but the more you look at her, she gets more beautiful.

  6. lol, Pho n'a rien à voir avec le pot au feu !!!. There is no fight, a Pho will always be better than boeuf Bourguinon depending on the N or S recipe. For coffee the best is the italian ristretto and 2nd is the vietnam coffee. But the best cuisine in the world is no doubt the french cuisine.. Un cocorico au moins pour la France !!!.😂🤣👌🤞😎

  7. You are 1:55? That was the hight of Danish people in 1850, when they were starving! It just goes to show that Vietnamese people har living in a fascist hunger hell hole. And France is run by the fascist Macron.

  8. I love Vietnamese food so delicious and satisfying with large generous portions.French food is good too but I never feel full since portions are small in French cuisines

  9. Sự chênh lệch và không bình đẳng về giá cả và cuộc sống giữa hai quốc gia Hoa Kỳ và Việt Nam. Người du lịch Việt Nam qua Mỹ bất cứ một điều gì đều phải trả thuế cao trong khi người du lịch Mỹ qua Việt Nam mua đồ không trả thuế Giá cả rất thấp đời sống cũng thấp Nhưng dịch vụ tốt. Chính phủ Mỹ thu thuế nhiều, có vốn để đầu tư và lập qũy an sinh xã hội cho dân.


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